An Cuan~Ireland Decor

I just got back last week from a week in Ireland. My husband and I took two of our teenagers, Baker Boy and Zap with us. We went to Rostrevor, Ireland to help friends of ours start the process of opening a cafe. Ever since we closed the doors on Jahva House almost 10 years ago, we have dreamed of helping others open their own coffee shops. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have this opportunity to envision, brainstorm, create a business plan, design floor plans and decor, and share great meals and good pints with friends.

Our friends happen to live in a very big manor. The manor is broken up into flats and rooms for guests. There is so much space, even space for a cafe. But, seeing as I have a thing for beautiful homes, I couldn’t help but get pics of some of the home’s detail.

This is the front parlor.

And a painting that flanks it’s fire place.

Each fireplace was unique.

And the accessories in the house added to the whimsy of the home.

But, even with such rich detail, the interior of the home, paled in comparison to what Ireland itself had on display.

Beauty is in the small, carefully crafted details and in the majestic, sweeping scene.

Where have you found beauty and inspiration lately?

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  1. Wow – beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! That green-tiled fireplace is FABULOUS! Really beautiful. The scenery looks awesome!

    • Thanks Sally! I tried to research those tiles and couldn’t find anything. Guess I’ll have to dig a little deeper.

  2. Oh! My heart! So beautiful! I know it sounds weird, because I’ve never even been to Ireland. But my family hails from there, and we still have relatives outside Belfast, and I think something in my genetic code calls that place home.

  3. What IS it about European houses? My dream is to live in an old home and have it filled with eclectic and whimsical decor, reminiscent of a used book store or the homes I’ve visited in England. I want to steal your friend’s manor.


  5. Stunning! I long to visit Ireland.

  6. So beautiful! So the cafe is going to be IN the manor? And we can go have coffee there someday? Sounds good to me. xxx


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