Artistic Napkin Flowers

I spent years folding stacks and stacks of napkins when working in the restaurant business. I can roll silverware blindfolded, create napkin tents with clean crisp lines and make these napkin flowers as if they were fabric origami. They are my favorite to make and to use on the table.

They are pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

1. Take a square napkin, starting with the underside, fold all four corners into the center.

2. Fold all the four corners into the center again.

3. Carefully slide your hand underneath the napkin and flip it over.

4. Fold the four corners into the center again. You may have to hold them down in the center as you work.

5. Carefully lift up one of the points, grab the loose end and pull it out to create a petal of the flower.

6. Repeat the steps until all four petals are open.

These work great on top of a plate or under a small bowl. Use them to create layers on your place settings. You can iron your napkins first and will get a more polished, finished look. I prefer the Napkin Flower to be a bit more organic in nature.

The Centerpiece is done! The napkins folded. Keep an eye out…there’s more tips to come!


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