Assateague Island Beach

One of our favorite places in Maryland is Assateague Island Beach.  Assateague Island is a nationally protected 37 mile barrier island in Maryland.  Besides having a beautiful beach with lots of seashells, the island is home to a herd of wild ponies.

It was the perfect place to spend our last day together after our LoveFeast Family Beach Week in Ocean City.

The beach is perfect for a serene walk collecting shells.

The waves and beach are great for boogie boarding.

The occasional wild pony is part of the surroundings.

Slowing down to look at shells,

and enjoying a walk with a friend.

Taking time to be,

collecting a gathering of shells,

and watching wild ponies

do their wild pony things.

We captured pictures

and moments.

It was a lovely day for a “herd” of kids and two mamas.

Do you have a favorite beach somewhere? 


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