About Chris Ann

Chris Ann is co-founder of LoveFeast Life, a lifestyle company that focuses on gathering people around the table and capturing the moment as it unfolds. She is a skilled party planner who pays attention to all the details that create an amazing event, whether it’s a birthday party for one of her four children or a fundraising event for 50. Her home in suburban Minneapolis is filled with elements of great entertaining: crafts to make the perfect invitation, heirloom china with stories attached, a beautiful flower garden and the ultimate host, her husband Todd.

Oh My Momofuku!

So, after our bowls of bliss, we spent the afternoon walking around Soho.  We got lost in the MoMA store and Kate's Paperie. The guys waited patiently while we picked out papers.  We made quick friends with the clerks there.  I almost got in trouble for taking a picture in there.  The clerk asked, "is that for art?" and I shot back, "everything's about art!"  She high fived me and let me go free!  After all their waiting we rewarded the guys with a quick pub stop and then lunch at Momofuku Ssam. We chose Momofuku because Todd … [Read more...]

Bowl of Bliss at Belthazar

We started our first day in NYC at Balthazar last weekend.  Todd and I were beginning our breakfast there.  It is such a lovely bustling place.  Our waiter, one of many attentive waiters, came and asked us if we wanted our coffee or cappuccino in a "cup" or a "bowl".   You can not go wrong with anything you order at this place as far as I can tell.  Hearty, healthy breads, homemade granola, fresh fruit, and pastries.   This is the way to start the day.  We started ours with a cappuccino, a bowl of warm bliss.   Can I tell you how … [Read more...]

New York is the New Black

Don't look for me in New York City this week.  It will be too hard.  I'll be wearing New York camouflage from head to toe.   I'm going to blend in like a burglar, dressed in black,  and steal a peak into city life.    When I'm wearing black, I'll feel stylish, city-ish, New York-ish.  I'll walk in and out of our hotel with confidence.  Black, it changes everything.  Jeans and tees, they might say gardening, or where I live right now, shoveling.  They might say soccer mom.   But, black especially at night says, Pegu Club, or Milk … [Read more...]

Open Letter to the Amateur Gourmet

Dear Amateur Gourmet, We admit it.  We've been stalking, lurking after you on the web.  We see your blog rolls, your recipes, your friends, your pictures, your challenges.  You see, we have been in our homes a little too long... cabin fever takes it's toll.  We've been wiping noses, vacuuming too much, planting herbs, gardening, washing dishes, and doing laundry.  We don't get out much.  We don't get to New York enough.  You see, it's been years, really.  We needed adventure.  We needed some spice!  To see art, no, to make … [Read more...]

Oops, I did it Again!

I have been credited for chucking meat on purpose.  Over the years, in fact, I have chucked several semi-loads of bad meat.  I know, I know....people are starving in....this is bad shopping, bad planning, bad karma!  I have been in my house for three solid days with these roasts and hamburger patties, and still they did not managed to get cooked or served.  This is my meat chucking confessional.  I don't take it lightly.  The meat got chucked again:  here & here.  If I was a better planner/cook/ok, even MOTHER.....then, I … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

This is how we chill it, Minnesota style--out in a snowbank in sub degree temps!!  We are having a cozy New Year's, in this year.  We are thinking about our friends far and wide, friends that we have rung in many a more festive New Years with...but, we are content and cozy in our home awaiting our crack into this very nice sparkling wine.  Kristin & Devon are celebrating in their home with a couple of our other dear friends and at some point we will ching our glasses to the receiver of the telephone like we have for quite a … [Read more...]

Holiday Sangria for Peace of “Mine”

My sister-n-law, Kim, made a fantastic and festive punch this Christmas that we all enjoyed with appetizers before each feast.  She reminded me of a time I had forgotten, a slice of "peace" sandwiched between, shopping, wrapping, and  holiday meals come and gone.   A couple of years ago, Kim and I had managed to escape the craziness of the holiday madness going on in my home-- think six kids cooped in, tired and wired on sugar and excitement.  We had asked our husbands to take over the mayhem while we escaped for some peace of … [Read more...]

New Year Mantra

The humor will come.   That's what I keep telling myself.... There are certain bloggers out there that are witty and clever.   Very witty and clever.  And I'm happy for them.  Really.  It's just that--  do they have four to five kids, dishes to do, shoes to pick up, piles of laundry, cakes to bake, beds to make, school parties to attend, baths to be drawn and so on?  I think not!  I think these clever witty food bloggers are lounging around in their pjs today, sipping tea, and reforming their paragraphs at leisure, updating their … [Read more...]

Hafta Have Yifta, Don’t-ya-know!

Thanksgiving dinner in our family would not be complete, don't ya know, without a festive layered bowl of red and white Yifta.  The entire dinner conversation at my first Thanksgiving with my husband's family was abowt Yifta.  The mystery of Yifta, I was told, begins with the mysterious transformation of three simple ingredients to heavenly cakey delight, overnight, covered in the fridge.  What are the three top secret ingredients in Yifta?  Have you ever tried Yifta?  Who makes the Yifta?  Where did the Yifta come from?  Is it a … [Read more...]

Maple Sugar Farm & Fun

We found our pumpkins at  Glenna Farms, Country Store & Sugarhouse.  Our family and friends enjoyed a fun afternoon here with a picnic, campfire, and horse rides to the pumpkin patch thanks to the hospitality of the owners, Rick & Kristine Glenna.  It was a great little day trip! … [Read more...]