About Chris Ann

Chris Ann is co-founder of LoveFeast Life, a lifestyle company that focuses on gathering people around the table and capturing the moment as it unfolds. She is a skilled party planner who pays attention to all the details that create an amazing event, whether it’s a birthday party for one of her four children or a fundraising event for 50. Her home in suburban Minneapolis is filled with elements of great entertaining: crafts to make the perfect invitation, heirloom china with stories attached, a beautiful flower garden and the ultimate host, her husband Todd.

Minnesota Mama Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

I admit, some days I pull out frozen pizzas for dinner.  And, once I even sent my children and Kristin's son into a gas station  for breakfast.  But, today was a different day.  I went to bed with visions of anise pumpkin muffins in my head, and woke up inspired.  I have this ongoing fantasy that my children come home to baked bread or chocolate cookie smells--but usually not.   However, this morning was cold, sunny and cold, the kind of fall day in Minnesota that tricks you into thinking you can wear just one layer and then … [Read more...]

Is Dinner Ready Yet?

In my home that is a common question.  And, usually the answer is not quite.  You see  actual cooking is really not my thing.  I am rather in the garden pulling out something by its roots, sitting on my porch feet up on my hot pink wicker ottoman sipping tea, or running up and down my stairs with buckets of laundry.  And, what is interesting about the fact that I really don't like to cook, is that I love everything about food.  I love spices, I love the shine of an apple, I love dishes, modern and old chipped china, I love … [Read more...]

What’s Your Splendid Table?

It's never good to valet park with a blue mini van, so we didn't.  We parked in the back lot and walked to The Splendid Table's book event at the Room & Board.  It was lovely to be out with my husband and at an "event".  My goal tonight was to introduce myself to the authors, Lynne Rossetto Kasper & Sally Swift.  They are the hosts and creators of their national radio show, The Splendid Table, and authors of the book, How to Eat Supper.   We eventually found chairs and some wine and settled down to listen to their … [Read more...]

Cookbook Events for Wanna Be Foodbloggers

We couldn't believe our good fortune.   We had invented our self proclaimed jobs:  food bloggers and cookbook writers and had decided we were big.  At least, big in our own minds.  So, bolstered by our gusto, guts, and the need to quite frankly, just get out of the house, we were going to do this thing.  We had psyched ourselves up, convinced our husbands (it didn't take long, we're a force to be reckoned with), and told our kids (mommies can't be quitters)--there would be no turning back now, be it, rain, floods, lightening, or … [Read more...]

Join us at the LoveFeast Table! Cheers!

Here we are!  Four friends toasting the beginning of our blog:  The Love Feast Table.  The purpose of our blog is to begin a discussion that we hope spreads about friends and family, and gathering at the table around good food, and of course life's adventures!  We have had so many amazing memories around the table, many of those times we thought too good not to share!  So, we are going to begin a conversation about these memories, past, present, and hopefully future!  We are hoping you, the reader, will come join us at our … [Read more...]