About Chris Ann

Chris Ann is co-founder of LoveFeast Life, a lifestyle company that focuses on gathering people around the table and capturing the moment as it unfolds. She is a skilled party planner who pays attention to all the details that create an amazing event, whether it’s a birthday party for one of her four children or a fundraising event for 50. Her home in suburban Minneapolis is filled with elements of great entertaining: crafts to make the perfect invitation, heirloom china with stories attached, a beautiful flower garden and the ultimate host, her husband Todd.

London Shopping At Hoss Intropia

A couple of months ago I accompanied my husband on a business trip to London.  While he was in meetings I wandered the cobblestone streets around Covent Garden.  The coffee shops, street fashion (lots of plumb, textured black tights and fur) and boutiques brightened my creative spirit even though the weather was similar to our Minnesota chill.  A little down the street after stopping in the flagship Barbour store, which I absolutely had to do since, Kristin's sister-n-law designs their women and children lines I wandered into the … [Read more...]

London Weekend ~ Places To See & Be

It's hard to fit it all into just one weekend! We saw Wicked, drank tea, had lunch in a pub with friends, visited the Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, visited Bourough Market and had a memorable dinner at The Ivy.  Mind the Gap! Do you have some favorite places to be and see in London?  We'd love to hear. … [Read more...]

New York City Weekend

A few weekends ago we went to New York City for the weekend to celebrate with our New York City friends over a beautiful private dinner with a menu created by The Sea Grill just for our party. Our table looked out to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. While in the city, I walked around the streets feeling the energy and the awe that the city brings me. (Grand Central Station turns 100 this year!) I've been hearing good things about it for quite a while and Eataly lived up to its name! Our lunch on … [Read more...]

Paper Topiary Tree DIY

We are always looking to create a festive table whenever we throw a party or host an event. We created this paper topiary tree with materials from around the house.  Not only was it cost effective, we think it turned out quite festive.  This DIY Paper Topiary Tree decoration would be perfect for a reception table, wedding, or spring party. DIY Paper Topiary Tree Party Decoration Materials:  Hot Glue Gun, Pins, Scissors, Burlap, Old Vase, Wood Dowel, Brown Paper Bags, Dried Spanish Moss, Floral foam, Styrofoam Ball Step … [Read more...]

Moss Mojitos Recipe

Kristin and I think that setting the tone of a good party starts with a warm greeting and a signature cocktail.  Recently, we hosted a blogger networking event in Minneapolis, BlogLove "Refresh & Renew".  We want everyone who attends our events, whether they are newbie bloggers, curious friends, or accomplished veterans to feel welcome.  And quite frankly, sometimes that happens a little bit more easily with drink in hand. At our recent event, I greeted guests at the door, took their coats and pointed them towards … [Read more...]

Glitterized Phone Charger DIY Project

Every chargeable item in our home comes of course, with a charger.  But, with 6 members in our family the charger chaos is huge.  Someone anyone is apt to snatch someone's charger accidentally.  My teenage daughter and her friends, dealing with the same problem at sleepovers and such, decided to take these matters into their own hands.  I came home one day last week to find that they were solving the problem by glitterizing their chargers.  This is a great and purposeful DIY craft project for kids, teens and anyone who want to … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Wishes Across The Miles

  Today is Kristin's birthday!!  Our tradition around LoveFeast Table is to write each other a birthday post. Distance means so little when someone means so much. People often ask us how we manage our business and also our 18 year friendship, with 10 years of it living apart in two different states. Source: piccsy.com via LoveFeast on Pinterest   While we both have kinks in our necks from holding our phones for hours and lots has changed as our families have grown, a lot of things have not changed at … [Read more...]

Our Friendship Story ~ Beads

I remember as we left the nursery after the first time we met Devon and Kristin that the nursery care giver had said, "I never saw two babies that age actually seem to interact with each other." We figured if our small babies got along so well in the nursery, their parents probably might get along too.  And, so we hoped for the best.  We enjoyed their son's first birthday and then our son's. One afternoon I sat, round and pregnant folding laundry on my sofa.  To my surprise there was a midday knock at the door.   I could see … [Read more...]

Grab Ahold Of The Pantone Color Of The Year ~ Emerald

If you are looking for some color inspiration in your STYLE - look know further. The color to grab hold of this year is the color of year for 2013 is Pantone 17-5641 TCX , aka - Emerald.  Emerald is a great color.  It's bold.  It's sophisticated.  It's happy.  You can do this color.  Here's some inspiration below on how to add Emerald to your style.   Source: tiltonfenwick.com via LoveFeast on Pinterest   Emerald is not going to be hard to add to your style story. You can add it in with a couple of … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Weekend Celebrating Around The Table

Remember way back before Christmas?  Kristin and her husband came to Minnesota for our end of year business meeting.  Besides a bit of work and some meetings, we were celebrating.  We finished out the year strong!  We met our goals for 2012 here at our blog, LoveFeast Table and at our online boutique, LoveFeast Shop! Almost any time we have together tends to be celebrated around the table.  Looking back on our stream from Instagram.  You can see as we celebrated we nibbled around town and at our own table.  Here's a bit of our … [Read more...]