About Kristin Potler

Kristin Potler is co-founder of LoveFeast Life, a lifestyle company that focuses on gathering people around the table and capturing the moment as it unfolds. Her table at home in Baltimore is shared with her 5 kids and husband, Devon. Fortunately for Kristin, Devon is an amazing cook who is also fond of creating feasts. Their family adventures have taken them around the world, to places like China, Ireland, and the Philippines – where they’ve prepared many meals and listened to many stories around tables of all kinds. Learn more about Kristin.

Homemade Lattice Pie Crust

I shared tips for making homemade pie crust the other day and wanted to show you how to make a lattice top for homemade fruit pies. It's not hard and even more fun to do with one of your kids. My daughter, Teapot helped me out. Using the pie crust recipe HERE, divide recipe in half, rolling half out for the bottom of the pie and the other half to create the lattice topping. Roll the dough out into a round on a well floured surface. Cut dough into 1 inch strips. Starting with the center strip (use the longer … [Read more...]

Asian Cole Slaw Recipe

Every now and then, Devon gets his culinary inspiration on and chops and sprinkles magic onto a dish. Most of the time, it comes unexpectedly and I am not around to capture it for you. But for this simple little dish, I was there with camera and pen and pencil in hand. A lot of times, his dishes are inspired by whatever is in our fridge. He's been known to clear out a refrigerator (Chris Ann can totally attest to this!) and whip up a gourmet meal with ingredients that were thought to be the scrapings of nothing. Looking in … [Read more...]

Batik: Using Natural Dye from Avocado

I have a thing for fabric. It's a love affair really that started years ago when thrifting and yard sale hopping with my mom. She collected dollies and vintage handkerchiefs which eventually became the adornment of a handmade pillow. My affair with fabric took hold when I had my own home to decorate. I've collected paper thin linen, antique napkins with initials stitched on the corners, embroidered dish towels edged in lace that I turned into kitchen curtains and runners woven together with fiber and metal. I love to layer … [Read more...]

Homemade Pie Crust Tips & Tricks

We were given a couple of cases of blueberries. We decided to turn them into pie, a plethora of pies; Blueberry Pie with crumb topping, Blueberry Custard Pie and Blueberry Pie with a Lattice Crust. If you're new to LoveFeast Table, then you may not know the love affair I have with homemade pie. I LOVE making pie. My family loves pie. We LOVE eating pie, and sharing pie. Even poets have recognized the power of pie. "Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness." ~Jane Austen Making a flaky pie crust is … [Read more...]

LoveBombing Homemade Blueberry Pies

Recently we were given pints and pints of blueberries. There were so many blueberries! We gave many boxes away but even then, were left with many more boxes. Teapot wanted to help me make blueberry pie. A few months ago I had picked up small, disposable pie tins. I said, "Let's make mini pies and LoveBomb* our neighbors!" She was all over it! She got out the aprons, put one on Little Man and we all got to work.  We made a mess, but we had so much fun! *LoveBombing is an act of preparing and serving a meal or a … [Read more...]

Dress for the Day~A Color Story

Sometimes my outfit inspires my day. But, sometimes my day inspires my outfit. I could be at a museum or a boutique and see a painting or a chair whose colors or pattern stays with me, marinates in my mind and later inspire pieces from my wardrobe to be combined in a new way. My outfit becomes a color story. For example this chair, a peacock feather... a pair of hand knit earrings... a splash of color, even a cell phone cover, can inspire an outfit and tell a color story. And may just … [Read more...]

Piercings, Tattoos & Bonding with Your Teen

Baker Boy bribed me. He said, "Mom, if you take me to get my tregus  pierced, I'll pay to have your nosed pierced." Yup, he did. Yes, he wanted something for himself, a ride to the piercing/tattoo shop and he was willing to pay to make it happen. But, as a mama of 3 teenage boys, I like to think there is an unspoken need in between those lines.  He didn't ask his dad or his brother (who drives), he asked me. I know a lot of parents who are against piercings and tattoos. Many of whom I call friend. I have a very good friend who … [Read more...]

Farm Fresh Baby Radish Appetizer

We were having life long friends over for dinner and it's been a while. These friends have known Chris Ann and I for over 18 years. They have been through the storms and triumphs of life with us and our families. They are the kind of friends that even though you only see each other once or twice a year, pick up right where you left off. They are the kind of friends we know, know matter where we are in life, if we needed them, they'd come running. To be honest, Devon and I needed them. We've been wrestling over some possible big … [Read more...]

Winter Whiteout Cupcakes for a Wedding

The table was set. The candles lit.  But what to serve for a simple, wedding in my home? I wanted to honor the bride's request to "not make it a big deal". But, if my home was decorated with winter whites, what would be so wrong with adding a little dessert treat that wore the same color? I'm a chocolate lover and was never a big fan of white cake until I made Whiteout Cake from Baked's cookbook Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. There is nothing boring or nondescript about this cake! I made the recipe for the cake but decided … [Read more...]

Winter Tablescaping for an Intimate Wedding

We had a fun start to the New Year! At the last minute we were asked to host an intimate wedding for good friends of ours. I was thrilled! The bride really wanted the event to be low key and not "weddingy" at all. (They are planning on a large celebration in the spring when the weather gets warmer.) I totally get that, but you know me, I wasn't going to pull out paper plates and paper napkins...I mean, it was a wedding after all! So, I decided to "decorate for the winter" in my home. Since my dining room was going to be the best … [Read more...]