About Kristin Potler

Kristin Potler is co-founder of LoveFeast Life, a lifestyle company that focuses on gathering people around the table and capturing the moment as it unfolds. Her table at home in Baltimore is shared with her 5 kids and husband, Devon. Fortunately for Kristin, Devon is an amazing cook who is also fond of creating feasts. Their family adventures have taken them around the world, to places like China, Ireland, and the Philippines – where they’ve prepared many meals and listened to many stories around tables of all kinds. Learn more about Kristin.

Hannah Montana’s Hoe Down in Baltimore

Ok, so it wasn't actually a Hannah Montana Hoe Down, but while I was sitting at the movies with my 7 year old daughter, I couldn't help but think back to the Easter Hoe Down, Throw Down we had!  It was a total Love Feast Hoe Down!! We changed up our traditions, to the sorrow of some of our kids...and the grandmom!  For years we have gone to my Aunt and Uncle's house for Easter dinner.  They are without a doubt, my host and hostess heroes!  They know how to throw a party and make everyone feel welcomed and at home!  Why … [Read more...]

Love Log at the Ladybug Luncheon

What is a love log?  I came across it in the new cookbook, Baked New Frontiers In Baking.  What's not to love about a love log?!  It's raw cookie dough that you wrap in parchment and give to a friend.  I decided to take a love log to a luncheon we were serving for women in our neighborhood. Once a month, a group of us, plan, prepare, serve and share a meal with women from all walks of life.  We originally started it to share hot meals with women who are victims of sex trafficking (we call them ladybugs) in our neighborhood.  … [Read more...]

Brunello heaven

Nothing describes Italy as well as this picture.... an INCREDIBLE bottle of wine...it kept on giving, notes of mushroom and chocolate... an incredibly simple yet elegant meal...my favorite, pear, mushroom and cheese salad tossed with a hint of aged balsamic and olio! my husband and love of my life, by my side my new baby, cooing and kicking back enjoying the view of the fig tree two of the best friends in the world, with us and enjoying great conversations about traveling the world with all of our kids (9 total!)... a view … [Read more...]

Wedding, Love Feast style

Last Saturday, my family and I attended the wedding of our good friends Diana and Cliff.  I wish all of you could've been there.  It was one of the most beautiful examples of Love Feast I have ever witnessed.  They live in one of the ghettos of Baltimore City.  They chose to live there.  When they were planning their wedding, they knew without a doubt, they wanted it to be an open invitation to all their neighbors. We all know, most weddings are events for family and friends of the bride and groom.  Everyone dresses to the … [Read more...]

Pazo Raises the Bar

Friends of ours decided to get married...a bit on the fly.  So, after we attended their spontaneous ceremony, we "flew" into action.  We wanted to make their day special.  I went to a favorite Baltimore spot, Pazo.  I wanted to make reservations, make sure the tab was charged to me and give them a heads up that this was a special evening.  Ingrid, the dining room manager, knew just what to do!  She reserved a table and made a note to add on complimentary glasses of champagne.  I left knowing that my friend's night was in good … [Read more...]

Luck O’ the Irish and Green Milk!!

Every year, on March 17th, my mom would get the corn beef and potatoes boiling, the cabbage steaming and the Irish soda bread baking.  She would add a bit of green food coloring to the kids milk.  Not knowing a good Irish dessert, she faithfully made creme de menthe brownies.  As simple as the meal was, we always looked forward to it!  I wanted to share my favorite part of the meal with you guys today!  Irish Soda Bread!  For those of you who shy away from ever making bread, this is considered a quick bread.  This bread does not … [Read more...]

Boyz Gone Wild!!!

I was sound asleep at my sister's house.  I had gone to her beach house to attend her baby shower!  When my cell phone rang.  Coming out of my sleepy haze, I let voice-mail pick it up.  I called to retrieve the message and my neighbor was checking in to see if everything was okay.  "I see the police and firetruck at your house and I just wanted to make sure everyone was alright."  I jolted up in my bed, what?!  Now, I knew that tonight my husband was at home, without kids (except our teenage son) or wife and had planned a "boy's … [Read more...]

Halal Lamb

About two weeks ago, my husband woke up at the crack of dawn to go with our good friend Bouchaib to a farm about an hour away.  Bouchaib and Devon had been planning this trip for many weeks.  Bouchaib is Muslim and he and his family go to this farm to get their halal meat.  We thought halal was a religious ceremony, similar to kosher.  On the drive to the farm, Devon found out from Bouchaib halal means to kill the animal yourself. So, they got to the farm and went to a pen full of lambs.  They were all tagged with prices, … [Read more...]

Chantrelle Risotto and Food Toys

I was exposed at a young age to mushrooms.  My mom loved them, I hated them.  (Of course, looking back, she prepared only canned, slimy, rubbery mushrooms.)  When I married an aspiring chef, he was bound and determined to convert me.  I thought it was impossible.  I can't remember the exact dish...or the type of mushroom...probably at that point, portobellos were the mushroom of choice.  All I know is, I was a convert! I love mushrooms of any shape and size!  But, one of my favorites is chanterelles.  If you've never cooked … [Read more...]

Dinner in B’More!

We left New York filled with great memories and a few trinkets.  But, more importantly, we left with Todd and Chris Ann!  They were staying with us for three days, because Todd had to attend one of the inaugural balls. Monday night we had dinner planned at Chez Potler's House!  We invited our friends from Holland, Irene and Albert.  With the sea beans as the dinner inspiration, the six of us shared a wonderful meal! The menu: Macadamia encrusted rockfish with lime, cardamom beurre blanc and sea beans Turnip potato … [Read more...]