About Kristin Potler

Kristin Potler is co-founder of LoveFeast Life, a lifestyle company that focuses on gathering people around the table and capturing the moment as it unfolds. Her table at home in Baltimore is shared with her 5 kids and husband, Devon. Fortunately for Kristin, Devon is an amazing cook who is also fond of creating feasts. Their family adventures have taken them around the world, to places like China, Ireland, and the Philippines – where they’ve prepared many meals and listened to many stories around tables of all kinds. Learn more about Kristin.

A Night Out With Our Peeps

So, we (a group of five gals who went out to catch up, take a break from kids and husbands), drink a few cold ones and nosh a bit) just got back from the Yellow Dog Tavern.  My Lagunitas IPA was hitting the spot!  CA kicked back a cold Stella.  We ordered a round of appetizers (up to three, on Tuesdays are half off) and sat back to enjoy a time of catching up and taking a breather.  The pommes frites were a hit!  The mussels were tasty and tender!  Our waiter, Alex recommended the Kobe beef sliders and they were a perfect split … [Read more...]

Inspired at the Food Toy* Museum

After our incredible meal at Momofuku, we geared up...hats, gloves, coats...and braced ourselves for the crisp, frigid New York air.  We were back on the streets with one destination in mind.  Dean and Deluca!  The Food Toy* Museum!  The moment I walked in, all of my senses took over!  Visually, I didn't know where to rest my eyes.  I found myself walking up to a display of fruit and lingering, like I did when I first cast my eyes on The Birth of Venus in Florence.  The textures, vibrant colors and brilliance were breath taking!  … [Read more...]

Magik at Death & Co.

Dark street, dark door, dark curtain...everyone in black.  We were kindly greeted by our NY friends and Death & Co. regulars.  They introduced us to the guru drink guy.  He gave us a nod as he created his magik.  We cozied into our booth and let the waitress guide us into a new and rediscovered culture of well mixed drinks.  They went out of their way to get it right and make us happy.  The whole experience will be with us for a while.  Well worth seeking out the dark doors! … [Read more...]

Uncle Bonnie’s Favorite Food Memory

Chris Ann and I have been asking people, "What is your favorite food memory?"  Many people respond with, "I've never thought about that!"  I posed this question to my Aunt Bonnie over the holidays.  Aunt Bonnie is an artist and has always been the eccentric aunty of the family...that's why we call her Uncle Bonnie!  She has created art all over the world.  I had the privilege of helping her with a mural here in Baltimore when I was a teenager.  She is currently wrapping up her first comic novel!  Needless to say she's very … [Read more...]

Jamie Oliver and other British Wonders

My brother married a wonderful English lass!  She's creative, beautiful and in touch with our slight obsession for all things food.  Every year, we exchange names amongst the siblings and their spouses.  This year my brother had my name.  But, as my (newly added) sister in law discovered, it is still the wife's job to round out the gifts (and sign all the Christmas cards!).  So, I opened a beautiful scarf from Scotland that my brother had chosen all by himself.  He really nailed it!  It's gorgeous!  The next two gifts were … [Read more...]

Piedigrotta in Baltimore

There are no words to describe the pastries, pies and cookies at Piedigrotta Bakery! One taste of their fig bread and I knew I had entered another time, place and era. I have yet to find a bakery in Baltimore that has the quality and depth of an old world bakery! There are no short steps here! If you haven't made a visit to this bakery on Bank...you are missing a true gem! … [Read more...]

I thought I’d never!

I didn't know if I even wanted to admit this.  I've been agonizing over whether to share this with you or not.  But, it's about honesty, right?  Being transparent in this blog...right?  Ok, on Thanksgiving morning, a bunch of us handed out "love feasts" all over Baltimore city.  Different people donated turkeys, potatoes and baked goods.  Then about 50 of us gathered Thanksgiving morning to distribute 200 plates of food to homeless, shut ins and anyone else we met.  It was a beautiful morning!  But, as you can see, I was asked to … [Read more...]

Roasted Gems

Just had to add a quick blip...roasted gems...I personally think should be added to every  Thanksgiving Menu!  Cut golden beets, red beets, parsnips, turnips, carrots in large chunks.  Toss together with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and roast on 375 F, covered with foil until soft.  Can take up to one hour or longer depending on the size of the cut.  Let them cool a bit, then toss and watch the gems glisten!!   … [Read more...]

Red Canoe Muffin Run

We make muffin runs to the Red Canoe!  The muffins at this local joint is the unique element that sets the Red Canoe apart.  We have hunted high and low for just the right muffin in Baltimore.  They are usually too sweet or over processed.  Not at the Red Canoe!  My personal favorite has chunks of mango holding the muffin together...moist and fresh...best slightly heated up and enjoyed with a black cup of Zeke's coffee! … [Read more...]

The Baby

He walked in with the baby.  It looked like it was at least 30 lbs.  It was round and plump and it quickly took me back to another place and time.  Italy in 2007.  It was night and we wound our way around the twisty Florence roads (it was somewhere near the Piazzale Michelangelo).  On the right we noticed a sign.  It looked quaint and tucked away.  We pulled in and parked the car.  As we descended down the steps, an Eden of a back yard unfolded before our eyes!  There were maybe eight tables set up and set aglow by candlelight.  … [Read more...]