About Kristin Potler

Kristin Potler is co-founder of LoveFeast Life, a lifestyle company that focuses on gathering people around the table and capturing the moment as it unfolds. Her table at home in Baltimore is shared with her 5 kids and husband, Devon. Fortunately for Kristin, Devon is an amazing cook who is also fond of creating feasts. Their family adventures have taken them around the world, to places like China, Ireland, and the Philippines – where they’ve prepared many meals and listened to many stories around tables of all kinds. Learn more about Kristin.

When Your Dress Inspires Your Table

I had been traveling the prior two weeks. I was exhausted. So for a couple of days, I had a hard time venturing out of my yoga pants. But, I can only handle that type of dress for a few days. You see, being a home-school mom, I make it a point to get up, get dressed and put make up on, even if my day keeps me home bound. A good friend of ours, Abby Leigh, started a link up on Wednesdays, "Dress for the Day You Want to Have." I'm a firm believer in taking the time to be "dressed"...to put on a bit of make up...do you hair, even … [Read more...]

Meet Kristin’s Sister~Designer of Boho Beach Jewelry

Meet my younger sister, Cana Praise Morningstar! (Yes, that's her real name.) Pull up a chair to the table and get to know one of my favorite people in the world. Cana was born when I was 7. And as far as sisters go, she rocked my world. From the very beginning she emanated creativity and spunk. Early on she surrounded herself with collections of things...baba's (stuffed animals), old inhalers and anything sparkly. She would create miniature models of things like The Wheel of Fortune, out of toothpicks and entire mini feasts … [Read more...]

No Heat Curls

We have a good friend, Nish. She blogs over at Nish Happens. Nish is a down to earth, white water rafting, storytelling kinda girl. She's the one you want around your campfire at night. Recently she wrote a post, Four Beauty Tips for Women Who Don't Give a Crap. I love Nish and her ability to cut to the point and get down to business. I had spent time with Nish on a girls weekend retreat last month and I have to be honest, had hair envy. She had long, shiny, chestnut hair with just the right amount of laid back curl. I've … [Read more...]

Unique Gift Ideas for Boys & Ratatouille Recipe

With 5 kids, 4 of whom are boys, we are constantly looking for unique gift ideas. We really don't need any more legos...wooden trains...nerf guns...or video games. Over the years we've learned that giving them an experience as a gift, has far reaching effects that broaden their vocabularies and their appreciation for culture. One year, when Baker Boy was 9, we gave him a cooking class at Sur la Table as a birthday gift. He made Ratatouille. Because of that class, my son fell in love with Ratatouille and more in love with being … [Read more...]

An Cuan~Ireland Decor

I just got back last week from a week in Ireland. My husband and I took two of our teenagers, Baker Boy and Zap with us. We went to Rostrevor, Ireland to help friends of ours start the process of opening a cafe. Ever since we closed the doors on Jahva House almost 10 years ago, we have dreamed of helping others open their own coffee shops. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have this opportunity to envision, brainstorm, create a business plan, design floor plans and decor, and share great meals and good pints with … [Read more...]

Friends & Farms

Living in Baltimore City, we are surrounded by the urban jungle. The rolling farmlands, bursting with fresh produce are about a 1/2 hour drive outside the city limits. In the past decade or so, the Farmer's Markets, CSA's and at home produce delivery services, like Friends & Farms, have been exploding. There are so many options! I've looked at a few at-home delivery service sites that promise to deliver fresh farm products right to your door. I have to admit, I've never clicked the button to commit. Seeing as we have 7 … [Read more...]

Working From Home

The last few weeks have been busy for us! LoveFeast Shop is bursting with new products, Velvet Plush Pumpkins, Pink Antlers, Hand Screen Printed Dish Towels and NEW pieces of furniture. Chris Ann and I have been busy, with our work days ending around midnight. Our families are adjusting and kicking in extra help around the home...well, most of them are. The youngest one is helping out in other creative ways. He's been busy pimping my Work Space. I mean, who isn't inspired by The Justice League and fluffy, fleece … [Read more...]

PARENT ‘HOOD LINK UP: Healthy Snacks For Kids

Often I get asked the question, "How do you get your kids to eat so well?"  It could be that they've been raised with good food and a variety of foods since they were young.  They were exposed early on to different flavors.  At the age of two it was pretty normal for our kids to be eating avocados and hummus.  They would quickly move onto finger foods such as baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and red peppers.  I found that if it was colorful and small and came with a dip of some sort, it would get eaten!  Little ramekins … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Chris Ann!

"She is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It's good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind." ~Toni Morrison HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS ANN!!  Thank you for being that friend who challenges me, brings beauty to my life and creates the laughter that makes this life a joy to live! Love, your friend, Kristin   *Photos courtesy of Kelly Sauer Ltd. … [Read more...]

PARENT ‘HOOD~Mama Bags with Style

When my babies were young, it was a Pre Etsy Era. I hunted high and low for a unique and creative diaper bag to carry. I think I ended up with something black because that was the closest thing to keeping me modern and hip. The alternatives were bags with baby prints on them...seriously?! What were manufacturers thinking? Recently, I was with a good friend, Ashleigh Baker. She was rocking a diaper bag that made me almost, swoon for a do-over. Ok, her bag and her babe! Oh my, I could have eaten him up! Not to mention she … [Read more...]