Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace Giveaway

We are showing you another peek of our Mother's Tree Of Life necklace!  We don't want you to miss this "golden" opportunity to get a chance at winning this beautiful treasure!  This necklace is the perfect gift for any mother, sister or grandmother.  It is hand crafted by artist Liz Oie and is 14 k. gold with real gemstones to honor the birth of children.  It is a special piece that would make a beautiful heirloom. We hadn't found anything we truly loved to show the birth's of our children (Kristin has 5 and Chris Ann has 4).  … [Read more...]

Table Guest ~ Laura Tremaine ~ Hollywood Housewife

It's not uncommon for blogger friendships to start online.  We first met Laura Tremain on Twitter.  We became chatty - familiar.  Then, while scouting outfits for a Blissdom (blogging conference) fashion post, Chris Ann game across "the dress" - only to realize, it was being worn by none other than Laura, their LoveFeast Twitter friend.  A half a year later, the LoveFeast girls met up with Laura at BlogHer in NYC, to find that the launch of online friendships blossom IRL (in real life).  We will always remember the London and … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook Travels

Today is the day.  We are sending The Traveling Cookbook on it's way. We've wrapped it up, added ribbon and bow... tied on a message, not knowing where it will go. There's some added direction to help navigate the way, not knowing where it will travel from day to day. So, we say goodbye with a little pat-pat and send The Traveling Cookbook on it's way to She Wears Many Hats.   To follow the journey of The Traveling Cookbook, stop HERE. To grab a badge and join in on the fun, … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Pinterest Board

We are going to start by me asking Kristin, what should we be asking? Chris Ann is pouring herself a glass of wine, I’m sitting on the phone and listening to her struggle to open the bottle.  I remember when I taught her in Italy how to open a bottle..which was great, thanks for ruining my record of having other people do the dirty work for me.  let’s see if she can do it. ….ah done.  and it’s the good bottle left in the house...great...I poured my glass from the sounds open, waiting for first sip. I think … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Travel, Experience & Journey

Two weeks ago, we had so much fun having guests at our table for Fancy Friday, we decided to invite a few more to join us today.  LIFE here at our table is about travel, experiences, our friendship journey and projects focused on giving back.  We invited our guests to share a bit of their LIFE and how it relates to their journey.  Some of these guests happen to blog with a friend, partner or family member and in all honesty, we just wanted a peek into what makes their lives  tick. We asked our guests these questions: 1. … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Travel

Kristin's brother snapped this picture.  It looks like a dream to us!  Do you know where this is?  Can you guess?  It's one of the next adventures we dream about having!  It's a cottage in the south of France.  We're hoping to go their sometime in 2012.  Where will we bike?  What will we see?  Who will we meet?  And who will share a table with us? There is nothing more inspiring to the soul than travel.  Travel stretches your horizons and sparks creativity.  And, travel with friends that are kindred adventurers can make … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook ~ Coming Soon!

Collaboration thrills us!  There is something about the synergy of bringing a bunch of different people to the table to create and watch what will emerge from coming together. We want to introduce you to a project we are embarking on called The Traveling Cookbook.  The Traveling Cookbook is a project that will gather stories from many blogger's tables around recipes and food shared from a featured cookbook.  We chose The Pioneer Woman Cooks (with Ree Drummond's blessing) as our first book to send on it's journey.   Kristin is … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Experiences Life

"The best way to gain great writing  content  is to experience life."  We think we heard this at one of the blogging conferences we have attended. It was one of those statements that hit home for us, because we are firm believers in taking a bite out of life. We love to get our hands dirty in the mud while gardening, spotted with paint while re-purposing furniture, pile our dishes in the sink so we can continue to sit and share conversations with our dinner guests (and not get to them till morning) and take chances even at the … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Table Guests

This week's Fancy Friday is on our category "Table".  "Table" is all about the people we want to have at our table, who are good storytellers or who would be a good candidate to interview.  We thought it would be fun to invite a few people to our virtual table today and ask them a few questions. These were our questions: 1.) What's your favorite food? 2.) What are you passionate about? 3.) What makes for good conversation? 4.) Who would you like to have join you at your table? Robin ~ A Chow Life 1)  That is a hard one! … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Blogs We LOVE

An inspiring blog that you love is like having a lovely slice of pie.  Only it's so good, you have to share!  Last week we talked about our plan to share blogs around the themes of our categories, LOVE, FEAST, TABLE and LIFE.  This week you are invited to share with us the blogs you LOVE because we sharing about blogs that inspire and make us happy!  frolic! is a blog that does just that.  Even the name makes us happy!  It's full of ooos and ahhhs and creative ideas!  Scrumptious to bite into, like pie! Nectar & Light, … [Read more...]