Celebrating Velvet Pumpkin Season With You!

Velvet Pumpkin Season is under way at LoveFeast Shop.  We are so excited to hear so many wonderful things from our customers this season!  Many of you have discovered we've added a phone number at LoveFeast Shop so we've had the pleasure of talking directly to our guests and hearing how they will be celebrating, sharing and decorating with their velvet pumpkins. We've had so many lovely chats with our customers it's like we've enjoyed a cup of coffee over a table together! Many of you have given gifts of PINK pumpkins … [Read more...]

Where We Gather

You see, we are both extroverts. If you are Myers Briggs fans, you'll understand that being an ENFP & ENFJ, we both kind of refill and recharge when we are with our friends. So we gather. We gather in real life at lake houses, conferences or the beach. In our virtual life, we gather here, at our (virtual) table, LoveFeast Table. This is where conversations happen and we share a bit more about ourselves, design ideas, recipes we are loving, moments and memories, style tips, travel and so much more. We also like to have … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month PINK Velvet Pumpkins

Because our business was born with a passion to create beauty inside the home and within daily lives ~ it is impossible for us to not do business considering things that are matters of the heart.  We are, as a woman-owned business thankful to have partnered with another woman-owned business, Plush Pumpkin. When Plush Pumpkin let us know that they were going to give back in a significant way to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation to support breast cancer we agreed to support through every avenue we could, Plush … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winner! Rustic Marquee Heart Light

We have a winner!!! Congratulations to Bonnie! You have a bright, blingy Rustic Marquee Heart light on its way to you. We discovered these lights a couple of years ago and were instantly smitten with possibility! We carry these lights in every letter and number. You could hang the first letter of your family name, or spell out your favorite word. Decorate a garden space, your screened in porch or a playroom. These whimsical lights will brighten any room and make your family and guests smile. Each light is made of … [Read more...]

Joy of the Discovery

For years we've daydreamed about the Shop we'd own and all the fun trips that we would take. We'd dream about poolside meetings and trips to the NY market with weekends spent discovering new finds. Last winter, in a "pinch us" moment, we found ourselves in NY, together with days on end to spend at the NY International Gift Show. We were like kids in a candy store (with sore feet from the miles of walking) with aisles of endless possibility. We took notes, snapped pictures and lingered with new friends and old. The joy of the … [Read more...]

Rustic Marquee GIVEAWAY Ends Tomorrow!

Just wanted to give you a little reminder...our Rustic Marquee GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow. We'd love for you to have the chance to win this vintage inspired light. It looks gorgeous anywhere...on a porch, at a wedding, over a bed or just propped up in any space where you need a sparkly reminder that you are loved. Thank you for joining us at the table this August and celebrating with us as we launched the NEW LoveFeast Shop! We can't wait to share more fabulous finds with you in September. Enter HERE to win.   … [Read more...]

Big, Bright, Blingy GIVEAWAY!

The Lights are On at the NEW LoveFeast Shop! And we couldn't be more thrilled! We have been working 'round the clock this past year hunting high and low for products and gift items that made our hearts swoon; Finds that would inspire the giver and charm the receiver. One such item is the Marquee Light. Each vintage inspired light is 24" tall and perfectly rustic. Hanging on a wall, propped up on a fire place mantel, hung on a porch, these whimsical lights will brighten up any space. They come in a variety of shapes including … [Read more...]

The Lights Are On In The NEW LoveFeast Shop!

We're so excited to introduce you to our newly designed and freshly filled LoveFeast Shop.  In our new shop you will find unique and modern pieces to add style, character and charm to your home.  We've personally selected each piece in our carefully curated boutique to inspire you to make your home  beautiful. LoveFeast Shop is our online curated boutique of beautiful home decor items, stylish accessories and gifts!   Don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter so that you can receive our Special August Promotion & … [Read more...]

The Simple Things in Life

It's the Little Things in Life that sometimes make the greatest impact. Many times a handwritten note means volumes more than a new piece of jewelry, or a single cut rose more than an overflowing bouquet. Attention to detail, thoughtful, edited can often be profound, distinct and beautiful.  We love the simple. Both of our gardens contain a variety of fresh herbs. A clipping of fragrant basil, tarragon or thyme can bring a simple dish to life. If you've never grown herbs in your yard, know that they are super easy … [Read more...]


We know we've been somewhat quiet around here. But, it's only because there are such GOOD things brewing behind the scenes. We can't wait to spill the beans! In the meantime, over at Crafty Texas Girls there is The REALLY BIG GIVEAWAY going on! We met Samantha Conner, owner and designer of the most darling girl's hair accessories and clothing line, last spring at Blissdom. She's the real deal ya'll! And uber talented. You REALLY must stop by and take a peek at Samantha Conner Designs.  AND if you like what you see, then you … [Read more...]