Aveda Moment Of Wellness


While Kristin was in town for our Minnesota BlogLove event we decided to take a trip to the Southdale Mall to visit and thank Rachael & Patty at Aveda for bringing wonderful hand massages to our BlogLove event.  Aveda added some gifts to our BlogLove swag bags that included a Caribbean Therapy body creme and an empty pure-fume bottle to bring in to be filled at the Aveda store at Southdale.  So, of course we brought our empty bottles with us!!


We had to choose from a tray of different scents to custom blend our perfume.  And, think about this.


We went on a “sensory journey” and smelled all sorts of little bottles with different scents.  Kristin and I both landed on #4.  #4 is a floral scents with jasmine and rose.  It’s not a big shock that we picked the same signature scent.  We’ve been known to pick the same style and color of laundry hamper from half the United States away.  We kinda get along like that.


So, while you’re playing perfume-ologist someone at Aveda will ask you if you’d like a sip of this…


It’s the lovely tea from Aveda that is a caffeine and sugar free, licorice and peppermint blend.  It’s part of what’s called a “Moment of Wellness”-which also includes this…


Now, there is something you should know about the “Moment of Wellness”.   Any guest can have one.  Even if you are not carrying an empty perfume bottle from a BlogLove swag bag!!  You can take your worn-out, shopped-out, kidd-ed out stressed-out self and have a “moment”.  For free.  For reals.


Isn’t that awesome?  We think so.

If you’re not near an Aveda store for a “Moment of Wellness”…where do you find your break in the day?


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