Gearing Up For Avocado Pound Cake


There was something about this month that had me craving avocados.  I found myself coming home from yoga–peeling them open and scooping out their green goodness.  I even have proof that this was going on because I tweeted it.

“I just finished yoga and then I attacked an avocado.”

Then, later on that same day, say about 7 hours later, something of an avocado/twitter/matrix/phenomena happened and I saw this tweet:

“i made avocado pound cake… lots of amazing.

It was tweeted by Joy, of the adorable and inspiring blog Joy The Baker.  And, it contained a link to her unique lightly green pound cake.  Weird, right?  All kinds of weird “coincidences” happen like that on twitter all the time.  But, clearly this loaf was meant to be made by me.   And, thankfully I hadn’t eaten all the avocados in the house.  I had exactly one and a half left…enough to make the pound cake.  And, miracles of all miracles I even had cornmeal and buttermilk.  It was Avocado-Pound-Cake-Time…game on.


Eventually I did get my little slices of green love.  But, it took some trials and I’ll be honest some safety gear to get me going in the right direction.   Heed my warning.  You could lose an eye making this loaf.  Especially if you are using a plastic sifter to sift cornmeal.


Here’s what happened.  It all started with the cornmeal.  I’ll be honest, mine seemed chunkier than normal.  And, let me just tell you right off the bat I realized that getting to a cup was going to be a little more tedious than I expected.  Teaspoon by tedious teaspoon I sifted for awhile.  Occasionally the little pathetic plastic blade would get stuck and I would jam the lever and bang it about to free up the blade again.  I’d squeeze a little harder on the handle and it would break free until finally on one good squeeze the feeble plastic blade shattered and exploded cornmeal out of the sifter.  The cornmeal flew straight out like buckshot with shocking velocity.  This, my friends, is where I was almost blinded by this near pea size cornmeal crumb below.


You’d think it would be fairly easy to sift a cup of cornmeal with any ole’ sifter.  This line of thinking is  exactly where I went astray.  Like I said, word to the wise…if you own a plastic sifter.  It’s time to upgrade.


Hence, the protective eye-wear.


Now go, do yourself a favor and get yourself a decent metal sifter.


And, stay tuned for another bite tomorrow.


‘Cause I’m not going any further ’til I take a drink ’til you gear up!


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  1. Ha! You crack me up, girlfriend. The cake sounds delish!

  2. LOVE this! Saved the recipe to my google docs (with the rest of my recipes). Love the avocado photos too 🙂

  3. LOL! Now you know why I very rarely if ever sift. Anything. Except for ground almonds for macarons and that has me screaming and cursing enough to make a truckdriver shudder. But this pound cake is beautiful and may be just the thing for husband’s new low cholesterol diet – avocados are recommended!

  4. I have so confess, i’m a little scared of avocados. I bought two yesterday, and I had no idea how to tell the good from the bad. I had to spy on the woman next to me in the produce section to see what she was picking.

    Can’t wait to see how the cake turned out after all that effort.

  5. Cana morningstar says:

    I like ur glasses

  6. only you … hee hee – awesome – I don’t even own a sifter, but I LOVE avocados, so I might go get one when I pick up the ingredients – this sounds yummy!

  7. My supper club just met this past Saturday and our theme was avocados. One member made this recipe and it was amazing! She served it with a red raspberry puree and fresh whipped cream. Good with those additions, but great on its own as well.

  8. Hahahaha… the goggles & helmet are hilarious. Great pics and a great story.

  9. It’s funny how interconnected we have all become. I saw that tweet! GREG

  10. Avocado pound cake. Hmm, I’m not totally sold on it. I like avocados in a lot of things, I LOVE avocados, but cake? Interesting.

    PS – I don’t even own a sifter. Clearly, I’m a novice.

  11. Dear Rambo!
    Eeeeegadz! Weaponry in the kitchen? We need to send that sifter over to our boys/girls in Afghanistan – give those Taliban a good run for their opium! That’ll show’em! Cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your site. It’s not just the recipes its the way to say things – so refreshing and unique. I’ve subscribed to lovefeasttable… got to get more of this good stuff. Excellent site! Just luv it!
    Hugs a bunch,
    Penelope & Gaby

    ps: Do those sifters come with flak jackets?

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