Baking with Baked ’till Baked!

black and white packages

cupcake pan

Screech!!! To a halt!  I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the two feet of snow we got here in Baltimore!  I know, I know, in Minnesota, two feet is an every day occurrence!  Chris Ann was just saying the other day she was driving her daughter to soccer in the snow.  Yes, she plays outdoors no matter what the weather!  They are hard core up there!  But, here in Baltimore, a call for two inches swipes the shelves clear of toilet paper and milk. So, just imagine for a minute what it was like for us with a prediction of 24 inches!  Almost total gridlock in the parking lots!  Of course, I made a daring excursion to the grocery store right before the storm to load up on baking supplies.  Can you believe the flour shelf was empty!  I guess everyone had the same idea!  Bake for Christmas!

Baking Mess

Black bottoms

Yesterday I woke up and baked!  I baked, till I was baked and I baked baked goods from Baked! (Did you follow that?!)  I started with the dough that needed to be refrigerated.  I made Sugar Cookies from Baked, Snickerdoodles from Magnolia Bakery and then moved onto Monster Cookies from Baked.  I made homemade pie crust (my favorite recipe of all time) from Classical Home Desserts and made quiche for all my boys who had been out shoveling!  I then moved on to mini black bottoms from Magnolia Bakery...the best I have ever tasted…and Butterscotch Pecan Brownies.  Can you believe, my husband then came in and said, “Since you’re baking, I’d really like some homemade bread!”  Being totally in the groove, I kneaded a couple of loaves of Breakfast Bread from Martha Stewart’s cookbook.  I have to tell you, I was officially baked!

teacher gifts

Tin of treats

teacher packages

My kids went to work filling tins for their teacher gifts of the delicious goodies we had baked!  We slid Monster Cookies into brown paper packages and tied them with string! These are a few of my favorite things!  (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

I cleaned up my mess, my hubby poured me a glass of wine, I popped on the sofa and cracked open a book.  He made dinner…spicy, curry with cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and coconut rice.  (I love having a man who cooks!)  We ended watching a movie.

I am so grateful we got snowed in!  Being baked never felt so good!