Baltimore National Aquarium


When Chris Ann was in town, we decided to take the National Aquarium of Baltimore up on it’s offer to come for a visit.  Lil’ Man has been in love with fish as early as I can remember.  Finding Nemo was his favorite movies and we watched it over and over again.  So, as we headed to the Baltimore Inner Harbor, we knew we were on the hunt to find Nemo!


This summer, if you are planning a visit to Baltimore, this stop is a must!! The National Aquarium of Baltimore sits right on the water.  It is flanked by an old power plant that is now home to restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe and ESPN Zone.  There is also a submarine you can explore and water taxis that will take you all around the Baltimore Inner Harbor!

Lil’ Man waited patiently until the doors opened.


One of the first things you see when you arrive at the Baltimore National Aquarium is a large tank full of sting rays, sword fish and other large, beautiful fish.




Being so close to creatures that are foreign to our regular routine, was absolutely mesmerizing.


Lil’ Man loved the sharks!  We stood there for a while and fielded his many questions!


We ventured on to see the other sights the Baltimore Aquarium had to offer, still in search of Nemo!






Wandering from tank to tank, a certain cadence and calm set in.  The underwater world is amazing! At one point, we pulled aside one of the workers to ask if what we were seeing was real.  He laughed!
“Everything you see is real and living!”  Some of the colors are so bright and vivid, one would think they were spray painted or embellished!

Lil’ Man began to ask about the dolphins, because he knew we were going to see the dolphin show!  We headed down the long breezeway that gives you an amazing view of the Inner Harbor.  We settled into our seats, a number of rows back…because if you sit too close, your sure to get wet!




Chris Ann and I weren’t the only ones mesmerized!


There were a few people I overheard, saying they thought the show was too short.  I disagree.  As a mom of a toddler, I thought the length of the show was just right.  He was riveted the entire time and never lost interest.  He wanted to know how the dolphins jump, where they live, if we could touch them and many more questions!


The final exhibit, I had heard so much about, was the Jellyfish Exhibit.  The National Aquarium, in my opinion, saved the best for last!  These little beauties were exotic and really reminded me of a living painting!  They were fluid and soft.  Their colors in contrast to their surroundings were breathtaking!  I don’t think our photos do them justice!  So, if you are in Baltimore, you have to take our word for it, and go see this exhibit!



Before we knew it, we had spent hours at the Aquarium!  We didn’t even get to see it all!  They also have a new 4D Immersion Theater where you are brought closer to sights, sounds and smells!  You will even experience wind and mist.  I’d like to plan another trip with all my kids!  I think even my teenagers would enjoy this!

We stopped by the gift shop and in true Chris Ann and Kristin fashion, we hunted for anything fancy!  Of course we found a few items worthy!  What a great way to bring the ocean to your Table!




Oh! I almost forgot, we did find Nemo, so our trip was a complete success!