Bedside Table Space Intervention

You know when life takes over and you become too tired to put away clean laundry, put away the scissors and drop your book or magazine off the bed right in the middle of reading?  Yeah, that.  So, today I am going to share with you the sad state of my bedside space and what I did about it.  Below.  It wasn’t making me happy.  It was down right treacherous getting into bed with out slip sliding away on a magazine.

Evidence of ironic attempts at order – sloppily piled magazines leaning up against books on Decluttering and Organization.

How lovely is a candle in the wrapper still?  Not.  Would you burn a trio of candles directly under your lamp?  Hopefully not.

So, I the other day I put on some Coldplay and sat in front of my bedside area with some new woven baskets and a dust-mitt to create a place of order and serenity.

With three new baskets I hid my reference books I like to keep handy and corralled the books I am reading or am interested in reading next.  A third basket is to throw into when I am ready to shut my eyes.  Things like a pencil, paper, current book, glasses etc.  I decided to minimize decor.

Close up if you like –  20 years.

I am into containing spaces right now.  So, the jewelry box and phone is gathered on a tray.  (Teenagers?  Check.  Nearby phone?  Check.)  And, an oval bowl is handy with my readers (ahhh!! it happened!), hand lotion and bookmark.

Here’s a trick.  Clutter that you need can be disguised as decoration when mingling with pretty things.  So, it’s about color and composition, not about scattered items.

I found this oval bowl and decorative balls for just a few dollars in an isle at the craft store.  This composition of mixed colors blends it all together.  Voila!

This is going to help me sleep better, I just know it.

I still love the lamp I found at Mudd Lake.  It’s quirky and artsy and different.  The wall hanging above our bed is a framed piece of quilted fabric my husband found in a shop in India.  The fun optic blanket was made for me for Christmas by my Dad.  It’s everything I love,  gathered around.

Tips for Bedside Space Decorating:

Gather baskets or boxes to hide your stuff.

Dust and get rid of anything unnecessary to you within the month. Throw it or move it to another location.

Add things you want or need, like a good reading lamp or a cozy blanket or throw or a pretty pillow.

Edit, if there are extra decorative things in the space that aren’t really necessary.

Use trays, bowls and baskets to define spaces and protect surfaces

Have a handy bowl disguised as decor for eyeglasses, headbands, and things.

Fresh order.  Now that makes me happy.  A green plant? Coming soon.  It’s about progress not perfection.

Your bedside called – it says it wants a date.

Next stop.  The top of this dresser.  I’m taking my surfaces back people.  Who’s with me?