Big Buddha Bag BFFs

This is the bag you wish you had.  Me too.  If you ever wanted to have serious bag envy.  Now is the time.  Kristin’s spring/summer bag is awe-some.  Those are all little beads sewn on in a zig zaggy chevron stripe ~ it feels delicious.  I know this because I borrow it from Kristin just to drape over my arm, like once.

She found her Big Buddha Courtny bag in Cream in a Maryland TJMaxx.  You can also find the Courtny bag in Fuschsia. I have scoured my TJMaxx here in Minnesota to find a similar bag to be Kristin’s bag’s BFF.  If you want to be bag friends with Kristin’s and can’t find one either ~ You can get one HERE in the Cream or HERE in the Fuschsia.

One of the good things about being BFFs that live approximately 5 states apart (can someone check if that is an accurate statement, homeschoolers, geography someone?) is that you can buy the same bag and you don’t look like dorks.

That is the only good thing.

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But here is a question for you ~ if a bag was this delicious would you buy it together with your BFF  and then be IRL Bag BFFs?

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  1. Ha – you guys are hilarious!!!

  2. What a fun summery bag!

    My best friends and I have very different tastes so it’s safe to say we’ll never own matching purses. 🙂

  3. I wish I could steal that bag from K!! 🙂

  4. Love that bag! Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle!

  5. Okay. . .I’ll answer the call.

    Kristin is on the eastern part of MD (not the eastern shore, but still there is more state significantly west of her), so. . .

    MD, WV, OH, IN, IL and probably WI (though I suppose you could go through IO). You are near the south eastern part of MN, so I don’t know if I would count that.

    I am a geography nerd. . .

  6. I buy my bags at TJ Maxx too. I would’ve been super excited to find that bag — so cute!

  7. I LOVE this bag!! I complimented a lady at the craft store when I saw her carrying it!! IF you aren’t lucky enough to get it for a steal, I know Macy’s had them fro around 100.00

  8. Cutest bag! Great find.

  9. Chris Ann, we could start a bag swap! Next time we see each other, switch bags for a bit. Hmmm….let’s talk. You’ll be here in less than 4 weeks.

  10. OMG, that bag is killer!


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