Happy Birthday Wishes!

Whoohooo!!  Guess who is blowing out 40 candles today!!  Kristin!  My LoveFeast Table partner in crime.  Now that Kristin is at “the top of the hill” (I didn’t say it first!)  you could say that it will be all down hill from here ~ LOL.  But, I can tell you this (from experience) Kristin’s 40’s ~ will probably be more of all the wonderful things her life is already filled with a loving husband, beautiful kids, an artistic cozy welcoming home, a table full of family friends who admire and respect her.   And a bff and biz partner who wouldn’t want to do this wild LoveFeast ride with anybody else!!

Cheers to all that goes beyond this top-of-the-hill-vista at 40!!  It’s going to be a wild ride, for sure, lots of laughs, good times, apparently LF budget forecasting (who knew?) and adventures all the way!!

High five!  Here’s to more fun filled years of LOVE, FEASTing & good friends at the TABLE!!!

Now, don’t get to winded from blowing out all those candles!!


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