Birthday Week, Part 2

Nikon gift

My husband made it back the day after my birthday, a day before the next storm hit! You know that saying, “Love makes the heart grow fonder”?  I missed him and was so happy to see him!  He arrived and a wrapped package appeared on the table.  The kids gathered around and Little Man proceeded to help me tear off the paper.  I was shocked!!  Absolutely stunned!  Behind the wrapping paper was a much longed for upgrade to my camera…a new Nikon!  I really was surprised.  I thought a new camera was a bit further in the future, but evidently my family pooled their resources and made it happen! (Thank you family!)


Then, it snowed again the next day…and the next.  Overall we received like 50+ inches.  This week of snow set records in Baltimore!  Because of the snow and lack of parking spaces, we had to cancel the shin dig we had planned that weekend for my birthday.  But, my mom still wanted the kids overnight and I was dieing to escape my house.  So, we made a few calls and a bunch of us braved the mounds of snow and chilling cold to venture to Joe2 (Joe Squared).  I just wanted a beer and live music!

joe menu cliff

This was our first time to Joe Squared.  I had driven by Joe Squared many times and had just assumed it was a college pizza joint.  Then a few months ago, we began to hear the buzz that it was a music venue as well.  After a little inquiry with some friends, we discovered it was quite a foodie/artist joint!  My interest was peaked! After being stuck in the house for so long, I really needed a pizza/beer/artist-y/foodie/music-y type place to be re-inspired!

Devon and I got to the restaurant before our friends, we pulled up a chair at the bar and ordered a much needed beer, Devon a Chimay (on tap) and me, Stella Artois.  (It was on my birthday wish list!)  Tom Reyes, a jazz band was playing.  I sunk into my chair, swigged on my Stella and took it all in.  The bar, dining area and stage are in one open room.  The lights were dim, but not too.  There was art on the wall…some fun piece about Sheila Dixon being “framed”.  But, the best part, I was out of my house, next to my husband.

lotsa head harps lager

Our friends arrived and after waiting a bit for a table we were finally seated.  (The place was a bit busy with lots of people braving the elements!)  We were greeted by our waitress and she took our drink order…beer, by the pitcher.  Devon and Derek started with wings.   Devon had the 9 Spice Wings and Derek the Ginger Pine Nut wings.  Both of which were the bomb!  They really were delicious!  Melissa ordered the Broccoli Cheddar Potato Skins.  They were good.

9 pepper wings at Joes

joes skins

Then, I decided to order their specialty, pizza!  Their pizzas are all square and the crust is made from a 200 year old starter.  I ordered the Mushroom Lovers Pizza.  It arrived and can I just say, it was love at first sight!  It was a beautiful pizza!  One bite in and I knew we would be lovers forever!  It really was good.  The flavors were simple, the toppings perfectly placed and every bite was as good as the first!

mushroom pizza at joes

Devon and Derek split the lamb cheese steak, as did Diana and Cliff.  Devon said, “The sub didn’t leave me craving more.  There were no distinct flavors other than mint. It was tasteless.”  Devon is the kind of guy that loves that lamb flavor! Melissa ordered pizza her way, with a bunch of different ingredients, and she loved it!

earl grey cake at joes

Then, as we wrapped up our meal, our server brought us the check…um, we weren’t done…but, felt like we were being pushed to wrap it up.  We stopped our server and asked her for another round of beers and for information about desserts.  Honestly, she wasn’t real sure how to describe the desserts.  So, she pulled another server over and he went into detail about the desserts.  Armed with info, we ordered a slice of Earl Grey Cake and Mocha Toffee Cake.

diana n melissa at joes

The evening ended with much laughter!  Joe Squared delivered just what this birthday girl needed…a fun night out with good food…and beer.

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