Bites From Bytes & Books Ball On President’s Day

Picture from DC

Well, since it is President’s day I thought I share a bit about the 2009 Bytes & Books Inaugural Ball, that my husband Todd attended (see picture seven under George Lucas).  You see, right after New York, while we were in Baltimore with Kristin & Devon, Todd had to go out to “the ball”.  We all stayed home, and wondered how his parking would go down.  Turns out, he easily drove in, and actually parked right in front of the Folger Shakespeare Library, right behind the Capital, next to the Library of Congress.  He didn’t even have to use valet.

This is what they eat at balls in case you are wondering.  While all that “balling” went down, Kristin and I worked on our blog and Urban Spoon posts.  We wrote until we were pressing the keypad with our noses, we were so tired.  Todd came home, and took in a few games of Wii with Devon, ’cause that what you do in your tux after you go to an Innaguration Ball… case you are wondering.