My Blissdom Top Ten List


I have already been to Blissdom!!  At least I have in my mind.  I’ve been thinking about it all week.  I’ve even had time to sit in a coffee shop and carefully read the welcome packet!!  (Note:  This is what a professional mom disguised as a professional blogger looks like in case you don’t know…deep in thought, typing in a coffee shop, phone close at hand for all the important calls from advertisers. 😉  Everyone in my family is taken care of – their laundry is done, the fridge is stocked, there is a schedule prepared and my clothes are laid out to pack.  You could say, I’m ahead of the game!  At least for the moment.

But, I’m feeling freaked!  This is obvious because after two double cappuccinos and some advanced multitasking to get ready for this event (I told you I was prepared) I could not get to sleep the other night.  Instead of nodding off to dream land, I wrote this in my head.

Top Ten List of a Blissdom Blogger

l .  You make what you’re eating for dinner in the morning so that you can shoot it in the “good light”.

2.  The people who know you in the “real world” frequently ask you, “now, what exactly is a blog?”

3.  You think “Twitter Power” is good beach reading.

4.  You sometimes daydream in tweets.

5.  You ask a total stranger to photograph you in a coffee shop blogging.

6.  Your children frequently roll their eyes and ask, “is this for the blog?”

7.  You’ve gone from coveting a clean house to coveting an IPad.

8.   Your “virtual friends” are about to become your “real friends”.

9.   You bought new jeans this week and packed, ’cause your going to Blissdom!

And, finally…….drum roll!!!!

10. You know what a Poken is and you’re not afraid to use it!

(Your concerned pause.)  I know… it’s worrisome.  And, after I read it to Kristin (my blogging partner in crime) on the phone …she actually said it wasn’t that good and could be funnier… um, OK,  what-EV-ER!!…..Hellooo, I can’t recreate what happens after multitasking, two espressos and a Mellow Yellow – on demand! (And, I’m not talkin’ about the drink… if you don’t know what that is, find me at the conference and I’ll hook you up….with the knowledge people, the knowledge!!)

So, the list stands…or perhaps sleeps.

Also, there are so many of you bloggers to meet!  I’ve strained my eyes late at night reading tweets, trying to make sense of who you are and what blog you belong to!!  But, frankly it’s just too much work!  I would prefer if you would came to me.   Seriously, I have four kids…I’m tired.   And, there are a bunch more of you too, that are experts…people who really know how to do this thing!  I am so excited to meet you and seriously if I had my way…lock you in a hotel room and make you tell me all the secrets to good blogging.  Ahem, um…sorry, did I say that out loud?  Well, that won’t be necessary I guess because I’m going to hear some of you speak as well as attend some of the blogging, Wisdom Workshops.

So, in an attempt to introduce myself to you let me tell you quickly that I am a somewhat sane mother of four (from Minneapolis, MN) who co-blogs with her bff who is also a somewhat sane mother of five (from Baltimore, MD). This blog is about what happens on and around our tables.  We sometimes barely manage to get food on our tables and sometimes have great parties.  We like to visit restaurants, travel, and drink good wine.

I am hoping  to wrap my mind around who you all are and get to know you as well.  I would like to ask you to comment back to our blog- an intro of your own and a link to your blog and what you are looking forward to at the conference.  Now, this is risky thing to propose.  And, let me just tell you why.  I am pretty sure that none of you read this blog, us being newbies and all.  So, I’m going to throw it out to Twitterland-#Blissdom and run my own little “social media” experiment and see if any of you chicks hear my tweet!!  And, for heaven’s sake if you have some advice, share it!!

From one half of LoveFeast Table representing at Blissdom, Chris Ann


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