BlogLove™ Spark & Style

Last Saturday night Kristin and I hosted our 5th BlogLove™ event.  This was our 3rd event in Minnesota.  Our BlogLove™ events bring bloggers, businesses and brands together for what we hope is an inspiring time.  Kristin and I were so happy to have so many guests join us for BlogLove™ Spark & Style!

DJ Kane kept the Houndstooth energy popping!!


Thanks to our models who worked their own “Spark & Style” walking the room in Houndstooth fashion.  Amber from Houndstooth, dressed the “Spark & Style” blogger models who were:  Missy ~ Marketing Mama, Jennifer ~ 30 Days of Honey, Jilene ~ Be Put Together, Kristin & Chris Ann ~LoveFeast Table, Kristin ~ High Heels And A Hammer, Kara ~ LaunchHER, Sasha ~ Fabuliss. These gals all have tons of their own spark & style!  And, they were gracious to help us out!!

The evening was upbeat and fun!  There were familiar faces and new faces.  We hope you all got to meet someone new and reconnect with a bloggy friend in real life!








Thank you to Christina representing Therapon, who sponsored our evening networking event.  Therapon is a clinical grade skin care line that knows that beauty and quality comes from within.  We were excited to be able to shared the quality of their product that we believe will give you that outside spark!  We were inspired by all the spark and style reppresented at this BlogLove event.

We hope your time at BlogLove™ left you inspired as well!  (Cristina ~ Therapon, Kristin & Chris Ann)

Bloggers who attended BlogLove™ “Spark & Style” are invited to link their recap posts here.  “Spark & Style” recap posts by bloggers who attended this event that are linked to this post will be entered into a giveaway for our LoveFeast Mother’s Tree Of Life necklace with birthstones.  The giveaway will be drawn on Sat, April 9th.


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