BlogLove™, Blissdom, London Or Bust!

Where we’ve been lately~We’ve been on the road and traveling quite a bit this past month.  First I went to Mexico with my husband on a business trip.  We got a chance to visit and hand out books at the same Children’s Home and Community Center that we got to visit in October when we went on a LoveFeast Vacay at Azul Sensatori.  Then, I had just a quick turn around before I hopped on a plane for BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” in Baltimore, Maryland.  Kristin and I had a great time meeting lots of bloggers from the Baltimore area.

Bloggers came from as far as Virginia and Pennsylvania.  We had an amazing evening with excellent food and trapeze artist theater.  I think everyone left uplifted and inspired.

The day after, Kristin and I lounged around in our pj’s drinking coffee and catching up with each other and old friends.  Then the following day I flew home to Minnesota with just enough time to repack my bags for Blissdom and Kristin started packing for her trip to England.


Here are a few pics and a video from Blissdom.  Blissdom was great~so many things to learn and as always great people to meet! Here’s a peak at the opening video and the kind of blogging inspiration that’s going on at Blissdom 11! (Video courtesy of Liz ~ a belle a bean & a chicago dog)

Me & Robin ~ Pensieve, and Matt Kearney and Michelle Branch with me, Kristen~High Heels And A Hammer and Kim ~ Sand & Sisal to the right!

Kristen aka Heels, was my roomie this year!  She made sure I got safely back to my room every night (directionally challenged, anyone?)  And, here I am with my “Takes Flight” clutch from Gussy Sews.  It was perfect for holding all the business cards at Blissdom.

And speaking of Giveaways~We need to catch up on some giveaways!!  We collaborated with Maggie, of Gussy Sews who made the adorable “Takes Flight” clutch bags for our BlogLove™ event, which was also very handy for holding business cards at Blissdom!  The winner of the “Takes Flight” clutch is Caroline ~ Chocolate & Carrots.  Yay~ Caroline you’re going to love this bag!

That’s a little bit about what’s going on with us~what’s going on with you?

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  1. I can’t see some of your pictures. Is it just me?

    I want to hear all about your trips! They sound fabulous. We went to Hawaii for a couple of weeks then when I got home I threw a baby shower at my house. So just, you know, chaos as usual.

  2. I found your blog too late to go to Baltimore, but the pics are great!

  3. Loved rooming with you Chris Ann at Blissdom! Had so much fun with you. Kristin, your trip to London looks fabulous! Love you both!!! 🙂

  4. Looks so inspirational! You ladies have kicked off 2011 right, it’s going to be a great year!

  5. It was so nice hanging out and getting to know you at Blissdom! You are such a personalble, engaging, kind, funny, beautiful woman!

  6. What an awesome event! It looks like you had a lot of fun.




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