BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” Blogger Event ~ Underbelly Recap

What happens in the alley stays in the alley.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret.  This is just how I like to escape from my average snow bound Minnesota days.  It’s perfectly normal for your average suburban mom of 4 to jet across the United States to visit dangerous alleys in Baltimore.  Isn’t it?

This is a glimpse behind the scenes at our last BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” event in Baltimore.

BlogLove™, is a networking event for bloggers that we host.  It also gets Kristin and I jetting back and forth between our two states, spending time together, creating adventures and building our business.

Here, I know we look like semi-fashionable bag ladies rolling away with our shopping cart full of provisions.  But, think of us more like very brave event planners willing to take any kind of risk to inspire.  And trust me, a shopping cart is good transportation for a warehouse-styled event.

When I tell you it is safe here.  Trust me.  The alleys of Baltimore are perfectly safe.  And coming from suburbia…I know safe when I see it.  (Remind me to tell you about all the crime in my hood compared to Kristin’s urban home someday.)

It’s a tight squeeze out with Kristin’s suburban, but we made it out with out a scratch…

And most importantly alive.  Unfortunately for me no rats were seen on this excursion.  It’s a dream I have.   (Kristin can tell you about it.)


Mark your calendars if you are a Twin Cities blogger who needs to “get out” for a little “spark” of adventure and time away from behind your computer screen for BlogLove™ “Spark & Style” ~ Sat. April 2nd, 7pm.  You can get your early bird ticket here:


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