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The next part of our LoveFeast Table journey we want to introduce you to is our BlogLove™ events.  The idea of hosting in-real-life events was pretty natural for us.  You see, we hosted a ton of events together, back in the day when we lived in the same state of Maryland.  We hosted showers, dinner parties, plotted wedding tablescaping and backyard BBQ’s, evening dinners on porches, picnics and a Valentines Dinner at Kristin and Devon’s coffee shop.  Planning a party has always been a part of our friendship.  After we started blogging and went to some local meet-ups, we both wanted to meet the bloggers in the cities we lived in Minneapolis and Baltimore.  We decided then to host gatherings for other bloggers so that we could meet them in-real-life.

We plan each BlogLove™ event to be experiential and inspiring.  We think when bloggers come together to experience something beautiful, interesting or meaningful they get to know each other more and walk away inspired.  That is how connections happen.  When bloggers, brands and businesses come together in a wonderful environment, creativity is sparked and conversations begin.  We love to help create that kind of synergy.  We think our readers benefit too!  We have new blogs ideas, people and brands to introduce them to!

We plan each BlogLove™ with all the guests in mind.  We want them to feel welcomed, included, entertained and walk away with some inspiration.  Here are some of our past events.

Our first event was BlogLove™ Zeke’s held at Zeke’s Coffee in Baltimore, Maryland.  Since Kristin and Devon use to own a coffee shop, it was a natural place to start.  The experience that night included a coffee tasting, a tour of the roastery and conversation and connections between a group of mostly food bloggers.

coffee cupsBlog Love MD


The next BlogLove™ we planned around a summer vacation.   Kristin’s family was coming out to visit our family in Minnesota. We planned it in Chris Ann’s  small town and were surprised and thrilled when bloggers from all over the Twin Cities and even Iowa made the trek for BlogLove™ European Marketplace.

European Marketplace BlogLove guestsBlogLove FeastBlogLove Aveda boothEuropean Marketplace BlogLove guests

We had such a great time with the gals from Aveda at “European Marketplace” that it was wonderful to get away for a “Moment of Wellness” at the Aveda store in Edina Minnesota to plan our next event.  We were introduced to and pampered with Aveda products and had a great time at BlogLove™ Aveda.

BlogLove AvedaBlogLove Aveda foodBlogLove AvedaBlogLove Aveda

Our next event was in Baltimore, BlogLove™ Takes Flight.  It was held in a trapeze studio inside an old warehouse in the middle of the city.  We were inspired by the work of a trapeze artist, who explained to us the art of non-verbal language in a way that inspired a wonderful conversation between our guests.

Our latest event was BlogLove™ Spark & Style.  This event was sponsored by Therapon.  We  introduced our guests to Therapon’s skin care at a fashion focused event at a boutique.  Blogger guests walked the runway in inspired fashions, got make-up tips from Chanel from the Mall of America and nibbled on treats by LoveFeast Table including our very own Sparktini we created for the event.

BlogLove Spark & StyleSparktiniBlogLove DJ KaneBlogLove Spark & Style

We have a great time planning our events.  If you are a brand or business or blogger that would like to sponsor, participate or add swag to an event we would love to hear from you.  We are always looking for creative ideas, stories and people to partner with.

BlogLove™ Events are experiential blogger networking events that bring together bloggers, brands and businesses  in an intimate experience that inspires creativity, conversation and relationships.

Our past events:

Our next event is going to be in Washington, DC.  We hope if you are in the Baltimore/DC/Virginia area you will follow our journey and find a way to join us at our next BlogLove™ event.  We are looking forward to meeting you!

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  1. Why? Why? Why? I wish it was closer…I can’t wait for the next local one!

  2. Wish you guys were on the West Coast! 🙁

  3. Chris Ann says:

    We do have a West Coast one dreaming up in our minds for some time!!

  4. so when is DC?

  5. So exciting; I live between Baltimore and DC, just outside of Annapolis! I would love to be involved in this.

    • Chris Ann says:

      Awesome! We’d love to have you join us at the next BlogLove. Stay tuned this fall for more information!

  6. I love the BlogLove events! I can’t wait until there’s a west coast one – I’ll help you with anything you need to make it happen.

    • Chris Ann says:

      You know it’s on our list Laura!! Maybe after baby? 🙂 Yay! When ever it will be…we know we will make some more IRL memories! #RTL

  7. Your events sound wonderful! Please let me know next time you are in and around Minnesota, ok?

  8. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this blog over the summer since practically all I need to do to get to Zeke’s is walk out my door. Oh well, I’ve added you to my reader so next time I won’t be so remiss!

    • 🙂 Glad you are joining us at the table! We have a soft spot for Zeke’s (as you can see!) We look forward to getting to know you better!


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