BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” Baltimore Recap

We are so glad to have so many bloggers come out and join us for BlogLove™ “Takes Flight”.  This is our 4th BlogLove™ event.  BlogLove™ events are blogger networking events hosted by LoveFeast Table that are meant to be experiential and inspiring.  Our first event was launch in Baltimore at Zeke’s Coffee & Roastery.   We have had two events in Minnesota, BlogLove™ “European Market Place” and BlogLove™ Aveda.  This event was held at the In-Flight Theater in Baltimore.

Mara Neimanis (pictured below) of the In-Flight Theater spoke and performed along with aerialists, Kristen Faber and Jessica Bucaro (seen in picture above).  The physical language of their performances along with their spoken word narrative was creative, inspiring and engaging.  We were literally taken up by their journeys and personal stories of their art.  Mara referred to her work as, “telling stories off the ground”.  The pairing of their intimate aerialist performances with the dialog and conversation created a beautiful metaphor for blogging.   As bloggers we share a thread of narrative and visual images to communicate our stories.  As each bloggers introduced themselves around the room and shared their platform and interests it highlighted that every unique individual brought a different nuance and voice to their own work.  Each story is worthy to be told.  And as Mara shared that her aerialist work is, “a metaphor for language and for trying…” it was not hard to draw the similarities to the ideas of having a “pioneer head, and a poet heart”, to the art of blogging.

We can’t thank Mara enough for leading us on that exploration and igniting that creative expression for us!

Then Adryon, of Adryon’s Kitchen shared her beginning journey as a new blogger, having only blogged since April, 2010.  A friend who believed in her literally pushed her out the blogging nest by purchasing her domain for her as a gift.  Her journey of story telling so far has been one of discovery and of finding her unique voice.

The evening was visually captured by Angie Wyckoff, of SugarFine, Contemporary Portraiture.  We can’t wait to see what her eye captured in this unique event.

We’d love to hear about what you captured during this BlogLove™ “Takes Flight event!  Share your BlogLove™ recap post here!  We hope you left inspired!!


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