BlogLove™~Spark & Style Minneapolis

BlogLove™~Spark & Style, in Minneapolis, is taking shape and form.  We have to share a little secret, we love planning BlogLove™ Events.  They are kinda like our blank canvas that takes a three dimensional, vibrant, organic and evolving form.  We find a venue that sparks our interest.  For this coming event, a visit to Houndstooth Boutique last August and a few conversations with owner Amber, got our wheels turning.  Her space is visually inspiring.  The clothes she offers are right up our alley…comfortable, current and they have an urban edge.

It didn’t take long for us (in the store) to begin to brainstorm.

“Amber, could we host a blogger networking event called BlogLove™ here?  Would you be able to organize a fashion show featuring 6-8 local bloggers as your models?”  She didn’t even hesitate…”Sure!”

Knowing that we strive to make these events inspiring and experiential, all we had left was to fill in the details for the evening.

Every fashion show needs a killer DJ, right?  Amber quickly put us in touch with her husband’s good friend, DJ Kane.

Feeling the vibe, we checked out his site and knew we had found a perfect fit when we saw this.

This is the tattoo on DJ Kane’s arm. The perfect addition to BlogLove™~Spark & Style.  We live by a similar message…”Pursue your passion”…take that risk!

There’s more…should we tell?

Ok, this time we’re spillin’ all the beans ahead of time.  The Chanel counter at Bloomingdale’s in The Mall of America, will be there to do a little make up, touch up.  And if that’s not enough to convince you, that you must be there, then what about this…Therapon!

Our sponsor, Therapon will be joining us to give every one of our guests a little sampling of how their product can restore what age and environmental factors have taken from our skin.

BlogLove™ Events are blogger networking events that are meant to be experiential and inspiring.  They are also open to any blogger from any genre.  All are welcome!

To order your ticket and reserve your space, click HERE.


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