B’More Crab Cakes

Gift in a baggie

So, I was busy cleaning my house and getting the kids ready to hop in the car and my neighbor Meisha knocked on the door.  She handed me a baggie.  A baggie?  “What’s in this Meisha?”  She answered, “A treat just for you!”  I opened the warm bag…unwrapped the napkin and was pleasantly surprised by two homemade, Baltimore style, crab cakes!  That’s the best baggie surprise I ever did have!




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  1. Thanks so much for everything, MR. and Mrs. Potler. I’m truly thankful for having nieghbors like you guess.If I can do anything for you guess please let me know. God bless you all. Makalah is know potty trianed, I took the trianing pant off and put under wear on her.yesss!

  2. As both of you ladies know I’m all ready for what else…. Blackfriday and Marcus’s famous Dump Cake.

  3. Sara, will you share the dump cake recipe??


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