Bowl of Bliss at Belthazar

We started our first day in NYC at Balthazar last weekend.  Todd and I were beginning our breakfast there.  It is such a lovely bustling place.  Our waiter, one of many attentive waiters, came and asked us if we wanted our coffee or cappuccino in a “cup” or a “bowl”.   You can not go wrong with anything you order at this place as far as I can tell.  Hearty, healthy breads, homemade granola, fresh fruit, and pastries.   This is the way to start the day.  We started ours with a cappuccino, a bowl of warm bliss.   Can I tell you how lovely it is to relax with a bowl of cappuccino, uninterrupted with my husband?   However, it still is a  just a little hard to relax when one feels giddy with the anticipation of an amazing weekend, with best friends about to join in!

Then, the phone rang, Kristin on the other end.  “Where are you?”  They were driving up from Baltimore in their suburban after dropping off their five kids (2-14 years) at the crack of dawn at the grandparent’s for the weekend.  “We’re coming out of the tunnel!”  “What?” I squealed, they were making record time.  I’m not quite sure how they did it, but within 20 minutes they had parked the suburban on a side street and joined us!


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