Boxed Wine and Canned Beer

Summer is for experimenting, right?  Being adventurous…trying new things…stepping out of your comfort zone.

We made a leap, took a risk and bought boxed wine and canned beer.  I know, some of you may drink your beverages this way all the time.  But, my husband and I have become a little to big for our taste britches and typically buy only bottled wine (with real corks of course) and bottled micro or craft beers.  Really, having been in the restaurant industry for so long, our tastes for these libations have changed and grown over the years.

But, not too long ago, Devon brought home this…

and this.

Here is Devon’s review on both:

“The Bota Box Malbec was good for every day drinking and for those nights you have a lot of friends over.  It’s definitely not what you would choose for a special occasion.  I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.”

“My skepticism was high when I bought my first four pack of 21st Amendment Hop Crisis beer.  But when I cracked into it, it blew my mind.  I’d give it a 4.5 our of 5 stars.”

Me…I’m a fan of 21st Amendment’s packaging along with their Back in Black IPA. ~Kristin

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  1. Tried the IPA it IS good!

  2. Will have to try these! My hubby is definitely a beer snob and we both like good wine. But we’ve found that price doesn’t always = mind blowing or even above average. We splurged on a 99 point bottle of wine for our honeymoon @ $170.. the result? Eh. One of our favorite wines is less than $20 a bottle.

    We just discovered a little wine, beer & chocolate (!) shop in Portland and they have a huge selection of wines for $20 or less, from all over the world. We picked up a pretty tasty 2008 California Syrah for less than $14, screw cap! A wine shop owner of ours in FL said that many wine makers are moving toward using the screw cap.. it’s not as indicative of quality as it used to be.

    Hubby LOVES IPAs! Will definitely tell him about Back in Black. 🙂

  3. Thumbs up on both choices from me.

    Bota is one of the better boxed wines. We’ll buy a box to drink after work during the week. A lot easier on our wallets and, Lord knows, some nights require a healthy dose of wine.

    I find that there isn’t really any savings in buying canned craft beer but it is more convenient at times. 21st Amendment puts out a good product. I would highly recommend their Brew Free or Die IPA. (On the other hand, avoid the Fireside Chat at all costs.) We’ve been watching Craig’s List for an old soda machine for our garage to stock with canned beer.

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