Sharing A Table – Brand To Blogger Relationships

Coming to the table to share inspiration, value, experience and beauty are things that we value here in our community at LoveFeast. Our particular blogger community is made up of many different types of consumers. Some in our community are other bloggers, who like us have experience with the dynamic microphone of word of mouth marketing. Some are shoppers that come to our online boutique, LoveFeast Shop to find something beautiful for themselves or their homes. Others are readers who come to visit our lifestyle blog, LoveFeast Table for inspiration in the areas of Decor, Feast, and Style.

These readers and consumers come to our blog for ideas and inspiration just like you would come to a good friend for advice. They want to hear about what happens in our life and find out what we value. That relationship is real and authentic and is built on trust. Guests that join us in our community are people we do not want to let down. Our reputation means something to us.

The blogging community by its very nature is grown by influencers. Bloggers know how to gather a crowd. They are the types of people who want their good ideas to be heard and want others to benefit from their discoveries. They know how to share good content in a relatable way. Strong communities discover that the relationship is mutual. Consumers and members in the community are also influencers as well. They have the ability to spread “good seeds” about us and also the brands we partner with.

We like to think some of the thoughts below will drive marketing relationships towards the same mutual goal of successes that we both want in our brands, communities, and businesses.

Brands who work with bloggers should know that we want what is best for our communities. The good intention of a blogger’s relationship towards their community benefits the brand. A brand that can partner with that trusted relationship can be seen as a very honored guest at the table in that community.

We want to bring something honest, inspirational and authentic to our audience. Any brand or business can benefit from the good association and reputations we have with our own community.

The more authentic relationship we have with your brand and product, the better we will be able to promote your product, company or brand. It definitely is a benefit if we have a product in our hand and good information about your goals.

If there is a monetary value given, it raises the responsibility all around. People in general feel more responsible towards a paycheck then they do towards a box of spices, a 99-cent milkshake, or a randomly available giveaway. Give the product and then pay for the promotion and you will get a believer who will go the extra mile to share about your product and brand.

We keep working for you. When we feel good about the brand it reflects in our lives. We share it openly and freely wherever we go and on every channel available.

Respect, value and friendship between a brand, an influencer and a consumer, when created are the very best kind of relationship. They are in fact, priceless. You can grow your business on that type of investment.

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Now, I’m curious. What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogFrog. The opinions and text are all mine.