Brie en Croute Recipe


During the holidays, when we are asked to bring a dish, our go to appetizer recipe is Baked Brie en Croute with Cranberry Chutney.  It is a recipe that sounds impressive but is super easy to make!  It only requires 4 ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time!  We usually make the chutney from scratch.  But, you can buy any jarred chutney.

This is what you need:

1 wheel of Brie (the recipe I’m showing here, used a small wheel)

1 stick of butter

1 package of phyllo dough (you will only need half the box for a small wheel)

1 Cup of cranberry (or other) chutney

Now you need to prep your area.  You need one clean, damp dish towel to keep over unused phyllo dough.  Phyllo dough dries out quickly, so you want to always leave it covered when not working with it.


Melt the butter and get out a sharp, un-serrated knife.


Brush a sheet tray with butter and set the oven on 350 degrees F.

You will be working with two layers of phyllo dough at a time.   You will use 10 sheets of phyllo dough.  Lay the first two on top of each other horizontally on a clean surface.  Brush them generously with melted butter.  Then place two more pieces on top of them, but this time, vertically.  Brush them generously with butter.


Take two more pieces and lay them on top diagonally.  Brush them with butter.  Then take two more pieces and lay them on top the other way, diagonally.  Brush them with butter.  Every surface of the phyllo should be brushed with butter.  (Note…In my photos the dough is cracked on the edges because I left it out to defrost too long and the edges dried out.  I recommend letting the phyllo defrost in the fridge overnight, instead of on the counter.)

Place the brie in the center.



Spoon on the chutney.


Take one side of the phyllo dough and wrap it over the chutney.  Brush corner with butter.  Then go around the brie, gently folding dough over until the chutney is covered.




With the other two pieces of phyllo dough, brush them with butter.  Then cut 3, 2 in. strips.  Gently wrap a strip, folding and twisting to make a rosette.  Do this with the other two strips and place on top of the brie.


Place the brie on the prepared pan.


Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes until the phyllo turns golden brown.  Serve on a platter with crackers or crostini.



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