Cancun Mexico Spring Break 2011







Just a couple of weeks ago our family went on Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico.  We made it there in first class style although we almost didn’t make it on the plane.  After a long day at the Minneapolis airport, flight delays, potential missed connections and several phone calls our family went from a flight through Detroit in coach to 6 first class seats on a direct flight to Cancun.  Oh, and did I mention that after we got our direct flights my husband briefly misplaced his brief case with all our passports in it?  What a day!

All to finally get to a place where we could get a little sand and sun, smiles and splashes!


And, a little time for some hammock blogging~

That’s not all we got to do ~ we stopped for a visit here!

Did you go for a Spring Break trip?  Where does your family like to get away to?


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