Can’t Beat This Pink Lady Cake

Like I said on Facebook and Twitter, I was dreaming of making this cake.  And, today was deadline day, I would either bake or break – – turns out I did both, but nothing that a little sculpting and frosting can’t fix!  I didn’t let a late night at the Cabooze stop me either.  I was at the Cabooze last night with my husband and friends to watch the bands Umbrella Bed the English Beat.  Who’s that, you might ask, as did the cute girls at Covered, who helped me with my outfit and informed me that Cabooze was “rock-n-roll, not pop”.  Hilare!!   I didn’t think I would go for “pop” but, no matter.  I love going into the city.  I loved the Cabooze — and the thirty-eight motorcycle bikes next door or the bridge to throw people off near by, did not deter this mom of four from the ‘burbs!  Like we said once in a post, “we don’t get out much“.  At any rate…great night, late night and now this cake!  You can’t beat that!!

The cake baking was inspired by blog Smitten Kitchen.  The cake recipe is from Sky High: Irresistible Triple Layer Cakes, by Alisa Huntsman & Peter Wynne and adapted by Smitten Kitchen.