Warmed at Hearth

Hearth Lamb Shank Our time in New York City was great!  We found inspiration in many places.  We found it where we stayed-the Waldorf.  We found it where we shopped-ABC Home & Carpet.  We found it in the simplicity of a good breakfast at a common table, and we found it with our friends around the good food at Hearth.  Under the glow of the red wall, our table, because we were with foodie friends that like sharing, sampled each others’ food.

Friends in NYC at Hearth Restaurant

Our favorites were the braised lamb shank, the polenta, the arugula and fennel salad, and the pork pappardelle.  It was comfort food, shared with good friends, fitting for a restaurant that values its “expression of hospitality.”  Happy until the end, we had Apple Cider Doughnuts, with apple compote and maple whipped butter to finish off our meal.  We ended our New York trip with good memories and warm hearts.  Here is our Urban Spoon review too!

He ate it off of his plate, my plate and my friend’s plate!!  It wasn’t safe to go to the bathroom…the bread continued to disappear!  That was just the beginning of great food eats at Hearth.  Our table had a bit of everything!  The favorites were the hen of the woods mushrooms and the creamy polenta.  yummm.  We had a bit of disappointment with the gnocchi.  It was advertised by the waitress as the house specialty…not.  It was more like steamed dumplings.  But, the waitress was enthusiastic, helpful and on top of everything.  So much so, we left her a penny, head side up  (total compliment to a server!) with her tip.  The sausage papardelle was delish!  Next time we are in New York city, we will definitely stop to be warmed at Hearth!

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