Add Unexpected Elements In Decorating

The element of surprise in decorating is what make something practical, functional or utilitarian come to life! Find some places in your home to add the unexpected.  If you have a certain style, traditional, modern, or cabin luxe, try to add a bit of the opposite of whatever you've got going.  If your home is formal in style, add something relaxed, like a bit of nature.  Go for a walk and find a pile of leaves to add to a bowl, a branch, a rock, or maybe even a nest. Layers move the eye around and make the soul … [Read more...]

Rwandan Baby Shower

About three weeks ago, my life and my family's life was enlarged. We received a call from friends who had received a call from friends (tracking with me?) that an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman, from Rwanda and her 6 year old son, were in need of a place to live. They were homeless. Not knowing anyone else in our area, they called me. Now, this is not entirely new for our family. At different times we have had teenage boys, college aged girls, a military family of 4, live in our home. A number of years ago we converted our basement … [Read more...]

Win $2,500 Shopping Spree at Havertys!

Every now and then an opportunity comes along that we just have to share with you! This is one of them. I don't know about you, but every spring, when the sunshine begins to come out and the flowers pop their heads above ground, I look around my house and I'm ready for a little sprucing and refreshing. The sofa might look a little tired, or my kid's dressers are just not functioning anymore. Maybe I just need a new pop of color in my decor or new comfy chairs to put around my dining room table. I get a little antsy for … [Read more...]

Oh The Places You’ll Go Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation celebrations and parties are just around the corner.  Like many planning a party I turned to Pinterest for graduation party ideas and inspiration.  (photo credit from The Brass Paperclip Project)  We're getting ready for that milestone here at our home with my first of four about to graduation. Celebrate the interests and future of your graduate by add personal details and decoration! Travel experience have always been important to our family.  We've taken our family on many excursions and vacations.  It wasn't … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Score!

I just had to share...okay, brag a bit. Look what I scored at our local thrift store! It's a rolling office chair, tufted for $4.99! I called my husband to come meet me with our big cargo van. Even he was impressed with the find. So impressed, he tried to one up me a few days later when he brought home these vintage French curtain pulls off of a rehab job he was working on. Um, it's easy to remember why I fell in love with him. I think he won. Total treasures.   How about you? What have been some of your recent … [Read more...]

Paper Topiary Tree DIY

We are always looking to create a festive table whenever we throw a party or host an event. We created this paper topiary tree with materials from around the house.  Not only was it cost effective, we think it turned out quite festive.  This DIY Paper Topiary Tree decoration would be perfect for a reception table, wedding, or spring party. DIY Paper Topiary Tree Party Decoration Materials:  Hot Glue Gun, Pins, Scissors, Burlap, Old Vase, Wood Dowel, Brown Paper Bags, Dried Spanish Moss, Floral foam, Styrofoam Ball Step … [Read more...]

DECOR Best Of 2012

Our DECOR posts cover all the things that inspire us about decorating the home.  In this category you will find organizing tips, home DIY projects, garden, and decor inspiration.  Below is a recap of some of our favorite posts from DECOR. Above image from Home Office Decor. Just Because Creating Wonder In Your Home Glitterizing A Vintage Picture How To Make A Vintage Frame Cork Board Velvet Pumpkins Inspired Fall Mantel Front Porch Outdoor Inspiration Do you have any New Year's goals for new DECOR this … [Read more...]

Winter Porch Vignettes

This past week I have been changing over my porch from fall to winter.  Pulling together a front porch vignette for each season is something I love.  I usually choose a main over all color and theme.  This year for my winter porch vignette it was about a certain shade of blue, birch white, evergreen and primitive objects and fabrics. “The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” ~ Louisa May Alcott Part of creating a charming and welcoming space is to gather a collection of … [Read more...]

Decorating With Pillows

This is my latest pillow purchase.  It's a festive fall-ish whimsical burst of color right off my front door.  (Pier One)  It's sits on my salvaged chair and gather my guests coats and purses.   I love how this pillow complements the burlap coffee sack cushion.  It's making my happy right now, but in a couple of weeks it will be switched out for something that suites the festive coming season.  And, that is the power of the pillow - you can change the mood of a room with one quick switch. The power of decorating with pillows … [Read more...]

Home Office Decor

Last fall I realized that I was spending a lot of time in a space that didn't inspire me.  I decided to purchased a new desk for my home office.  It replaced a sturdy Ikea table desk that had seen it's better days.  Over the year I have been adding decoration and organization to it.  It is still a work in progress, but here is some of what I've done and my tips for Home Office Decor that will inspire you! Making a space for yourself that is beautiful & inspiring is good for the creative soul. 1.  Wooden Desk  - For my … [Read more...]