Vintage Fabric Garland

One of the things I've been working on for my son's Vintage Americana Graduation Parties is a vintage fabric garland. I found some old scraps of vintage, red, white, and blue fabric in my basement. I cut strips into 2" by 12" and tied them onto a piece of twine, pushing the pieces close together. I wanted it to look full and thick. I looked for fabrics with different textures but with the same color palette. Right now it's about 20 feet long. It has to be able to stand on it's own at the park pavilion and will be perfect … [Read more...]

Creating Wonder in Your Home

Come on in! We felt welcomed immediately when we walked into the door at Su Casa Furniture, in Baltimore. As we wandered around, the signs spoke clearly... Chris Ann and I believe in seizing the day, savoring the moment and making the most of every memory. We do that by creating wonder in our homes. It's not only setting the mood with beautiful, comfortable furniture... but accessorizing with finds that inspire or reflect the things we love, like travel... reclaimed and upcycled furniture... and … [Read more...]

How to Stage a House-Living Room

In the last How to Stage a House post, I shared with you tips for setting the stage with good bones. You can read more HERE. I am going to walk you through the house and share with you tips for making each room inviting, starting with the Living Room. Dani wanted to use as much of her mom's furniture as she could in staging the house. Her budget was small, $400, and she didn't know where to start. The first thing I did, was go through the house to see all that was available. I took mental note of colors that were similar in … [Read more...]

Front Porch Inspiration

My latest thrift haul? A red canvas picture of a dandelion. I added this piece of art to my front porch framed by an old green window right below a sign of twigs that says DREAM. I like the symbolism together, DREAM, an OPEN WINDOW and my Dandelion canvas showing POSSIBILITY. Dandelions remind you of a million bits of possibilities. “Our aspirations are our possibilities” ~ Samuel Johnson And, that's why when I found my piece of art I just had to haul it home. It never hurts to have a reminder while you … [Read more...]

Garden Window Thrift Haul

Over the weekend I did do some looking around in some vintage stores. Spend too much time looking and you are bound to find something. I ended up getting this old glass window. I have had a thing for old glass windows for. ever. And, I knew right away what I had planned for it. I have a couple of ideas on how I'd like to use this. Do you like old windows too? Have you used them in decorating or in the garden? After some searching on Pinterest I found these pictures for inspiration. Which one is your dream? We'd love to invite … [Read more...]

Bedside Table Space Intervention

You know when life takes over and you become too tired to put away clean laundry, put away the scissors and drop your book or magazine off the bed right in the middle of reading?  Yeah, that.  So, today I am going to share with you the sad state of my bedside space and what I did about it.  Below.  It wasn't making me happy.  It was down right treacherous getting into bed with out slip sliding away on a magazine. Evidence of ironic attempts at order - sloppily piled magazines leaning up against books on Decluttering and … [Read more...]

How To Pick a Sofa

How do you pick out a sofa? I mean, buying a sofa is like adding a new member to your family, right? It has to have the right personality, blend in, be comfortable, unpretentious and pleasing to the eye, right? The last time we bought a sofa, it was about coming home. We bought the sofa that was affordable and symbolic. But, it only held up for 8 years before the frame broke. This time we decided to choose a sofa that would last. As part of our participation in Test It, Blog It, Win It at Su Casa*, we were invited to come … [Read more...]

How to Stage a House~Pt. 1

START WITH GOOD CANVAS About a month ago, a good friend, (author) Dani Pettrey, called my husband* to rehab her mom's house as it was going on the market. My husband has been working with a group of investors for a couple of years and has learned a few tricks to making the bones of a house look sellable. If you are on a budget for staging and aren't able to put in a new kitchen and all new bathrooms, there are four things that are very important to creating a good canvas for staging a house. *Patch and smooth out holes in the … [Read more...]