How To Make A Large Birch Tree & Burlap Planter

We're getting snow later on today, and I'll confess, I haven't finished my front porch.  With not a lot of time to spare, I'm going to be making this holiday planter with birch and greens in 7 easy steps.  Chances are you have the same items around your home that I'm going to use - a laundry hamper or bucket, some hand weights or a heavy item (to weigh down the hamper with), some burlap and greens and birch logs or trees from a local nursery or garden market. 7 Steps To A Beautiful Birch Tree & Burlap … [Read more...]

DECOR Best Of 2012

Our DECOR posts cover all the things that inspire us about decorating the home.  In this category you will find organizing tips, home DIY projects, garden, and decor inspiration.  Below is a recap of some of our favorite posts from DECOR. Above image from Home Office Decor. Just Because Creating Wonder In Your Home Glitterizing A Vintage Picture How To Make A Vintage Frame Cork Board Velvet Pumpkins Inspired Fall Mantel Front Porch Outdoor Inspiration Do you have any New Year's goals for new DECOR this … [Read more...]

Winter Porch Vignettes

This past week I have been changing over my porch from fall to winter.  Pulling together a front porch vignette for each season is something I love.  I usually choose a main over all color and theme.  This year for my winter porch vignette it was about a certain shade of blue, birch white, evergreen and primitive objects and fabrics. “The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” ~ Louisa May Alcott Part of creating a charming and welcoming space is to gather a collection of … [Read more...]

Garden Porch Whimsy ~ Thrift Haul

On of my favorite things about scouring junk shops, thrift stores and antique shops is finding that unique piece that makes you smile.  This little turtle guy is one of those things.  Truth is I don't even know for sure what it is.  Do you?  I just know to me this mesh and metal turtle felt garden-y, whimsical and happy. It goes great with my Dandelion picture and adds to the finds that give my Front Porch Inspiration. Sure, there is always something to work on.  Do you spy with your eye my not yet planted Dalia?  It's been … [Read more...]