Thanksgiving Place Settings

A few years ago, I found these bamboo disposable plates at a yard sale. They were in new packaging and I picked up a few packs of them. It was the best tablescaping money I've ever spent. Those disposable plates, have become my plate chargers for many o'feast. This year is no exception. Usually I use these beautiful plates my mother in law collected for me... after all, they are gorgeous and they totally work with my Vintage Wheat inspired table. But, I wanted a softer look for the table this year, with the … [Read more...]

Artistic Napkin Flowers

I spent years folding stacks and stacks of napkins when working in the restaurant business. I can roll silverware blindfolded, create napkin tents with clean crisp lines and make these napkin flowers as if they were fabric origami. They are my favorite to make and to use on the table. They are pretty easy once you get the hang of it. 1. Take a square napkin, starting with the underside, fold all four corners into the center. 2. Fold all the four corners into the center again. 3. Carefully slide your … [Read more...]

Creating a Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Gathering at the table for Thanksgiving, is one of our favorite times of year. Not only do our husbands get to shine (in the kitchen...'cause truth be told, they do most of the cooking) but we get to TABLESCAPE! What is "tablescaping" you ask? It's decorating your table just like you would your room, using color, patterns, textures, fabrics and dishes. We love to brainstorm ideas, colors, themes and templates. Each year we try to switch it up so our guests are surprised and feel valued, knowing we took the time to create a … [Read more...]

Pink Antlers ~ Modern Rustic Chic

This fall has been our busiest so far!  We have been working quick to take care of business in our LoveFeast Shop.  We have been helping customers receive their Velvet Pumpkins for special occasions such as Teacher Appreciations, Special Gift Baskets, and Fall Weddings.  We've been extra busy because of the wave of "Pumpkin Love" that seems to be striking so many! We are thrilled to receive emails with exclamation points about how much our customers LOVE our velvety Plush Pumpkins!  The tricky part about having such a … [Read more...]

Wine Bottle Candles & Giveaway

~This giveaway has closed.  See below for winners~ You have no idea how fussy we are when it comes to candles!  We both are a bit finicky about scents.  We like a natural light pleasant fragrance that doesn't come off to perfume-y or strong.  The elegant and hand crafted feeling of the label caught our eye!  But, this candle only met our approval after the "sniff test".  Verdict, we found our Shop some candles. Each candle is hand crafted from recycled wine bottle and hand poured with 11 oz. of soy wax and inspired by a … [Read more...]

Vintage Americana BBQ for Graduation Party

It's been a few weeks since I've been able to clear a path and time in my day, to my computer. My family is in a very busy season and it's times like this I'm so grateful Chris Ann and I co-blog. This morning it's quiet. I think all the running around we've been doing is actually paying off with kids sleeping in. But, I feel the home stretch coming! My oldest, is finished his senior year and off to London for the week. I had my final homeschool review on Tuesday and am now fighting the urge to just call the school year … [Read more...]

Valentine Treats To Savor With Tea

Taking time to savor the moment with a pot or cup of tea has always been something I have enjoyed in my day. Over the years, I have enjoyed the preparation of putting out a proper cup of tea for friends, with fancy favorite dishes and small bites. Sometimes I just pop a mug, quick in the microwave to make a single cup to enjoy by myself. My family has learned I rarely make something warm to drink without a nibble on the side. They have also learned to enjoy the nurturing moments of a warm cup and a moment to chat. The … [Read more...]

Late Summer Tablescaping

I wandered around Pier One and a few other stores looking for tablescape inspiration.  I had it in my mind, for my mom's birthday dinner I wanted a couple new runners for the table to run horizontally instead of vertically.  But, the problem with my idea was the price point.  Table runners average between $25-$35 dollars a piece.  So, in order to pull off the look I wanted, I'd have to drop around $60.  Not in my budget.  But, I always find, that "being broke, inspires creativity." I hit JoAnne's Fabric store, hoping for … [Read more...]

Taking Your Work Outside

Many of you have heard the expression in decorating, "bring the outside in" to breath life into your home's rooms.  Well, recently I tried the reverse, bring the inside out. The other day (before our recent historical Minneapolis heatwave) the day was mildly warm and sunny.  The kind of day where summer greets you with possibilities.  The flowers in my garden were just starting to show their potential.  The lilacs were wafting lovely scents in the air.  This was no day to be working inside. Much of what … [Read more...]