Boxed Wine and Canned Beer

Summer is for experimenting, right?  Being adventurous...trying new things...stepping out of your comfort zone. We made a leap, took a risk and bought boxed wine and canned beer.  I know, some of you may drink your beverages this way all the time.  But, my husband and I have become a little to big for our taste britches and typically buy only bottled wine (with real corks of course) and bottled micro or craft beers.  Really, having been in the restaurant industry for so long, our tastes for these libations have changed and … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Tables

It's Fancy Friday and Inspiration is in the air!!  I love this table from Ruffled.  If this was my table or this was my table (from Making It Lovely)-  I would probably eating something lovely like this- from Canelle et Vanille's table.  I would have loved to be seated at this table- from Joy The Baker's party gals' On the Lamb. Unfortunately, I missed sitting at this table, for Kristin's party. … [Read more...]

Baltimore Food Bloggies Unite!

As "bi-city" bloggers, Chris Ann and I have been trying to connect and meet fellow bloggers in our home cities.  Chris Ann connected with our guest blogger, Kate, from Kate in the Kitchen in Minneapolis.  I started talking to Elizabeth from Strawberries in Paris and Dara from Dining Dish both from Baltimore.  I had been invited to a crab feast this past summer, but was unable to make it because of previous plans.  Then, when the Mobbies Award Ceremony was set, after a crazy, whirlwind campaign, Chris Ann and I realized it was the … [Read more...]

Charm City Cake’s New Book!

Baltimore is known as Charm City.  I have to tell you, I love my city!  It's quirky.  It's loyal.  It's diverse and very creative.  It's home to the O's and the Charm City Roller Girls!  The Inner Harbor is a great tourist stop.  The Star Spangled Banner was written here and I promise, no other city has the Hon Fest!  Edgar Allan Poe found inspiration here!  And Duff Goldman has found a great spot to dig in his heels and sprout a delicious dream!  Baltimore is home to Charm City Cakes.  (We are so lucky!) The Charm City Cakes … [Read more...]

Savory Chocolate Glazed Salmon

The cooking was fierce this week!  Recently we had challenged Ryan from the blog This Is Reverb, to what we call a TakeOn.  We sent him a mystery ingredient with which he had to create a savory dish.  Ryan agreed to this challenge while the LoveFeast Table gang was spending a long weekend together in Minnesota.  We had come together for a LoveFeast Table power planning weekend and we were giving away some Sweet Goddess sauces in our first GiftAway. We pulled the Sweet Goddess sauces out and tasted them and gave Devon the … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table TakeOn With This Is Reverb

This is LoveFeast Table's first TakeOn Challenge!!  The TakeOn is presented to Ryan Detzel, of the blog This Is Reverb.  We first discovered Ryan over at Ree Drummond's blog, The Pioneer Women, and became quick readers of his honest and refreshing take on life.  Also, we noticed what seemed to be a very similar cooking style to Kristin's husband, Devon.  Well, maybe, if that includes setting off fire alarms. So a couple of weeks ago, when the LoveFeast Table gang was together in Minnesota.  We came up with some fun!  … [Read more...]

Pueblo Oven Bread Recipe

One week ago, I was looking at this lovely view.   I was in New Mexico at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, on the Santa Ana Pueblo.  It was the perfect day to hike, or swim, or sunbathe and read a book.  It turned out to be the perfect day to bake Pueblo Oven Bread. This is the perfect oven to bake this bread in.  This is a horno.  This one is heated by gas.  When the oven has reached 500 degrees, the gas is turned off and the mud bricks of the horno bake the bread.  It has holes in it, so … [Read more...]

Saturday Farmer’s Market

The color and the texture at a Farmer's Market always inspire me. Farmer's Markets' say linger, look, stroll, savor, and relax. Only two people asked me why I was taking pictures at the market. One was an old farmer who when I answered, "I have a food blog", shrugged, as in, whatever floats your boat. The other was a young tween boy, who I answered, "I'm taking pictures for fun".  He replied, that's weird. One of my favorite stops at the Prior Lake Farmer's Market is Cocoa & … [Read more...]

Dog’s Cake Feast

Our new puppy, Roxy, celebrated her first official spa-ing, I mean grooming at Lulu & Luigi's. (St. Louis Park, Minnesota location).  Roxy thinks I'm a genius because I brought her there for a doggy day trip.  If you need to spend some money on your dog, instead of yourself.  And, if you need to get your dog some cake  that you don't get to eat.  Lulu & Luigi's mini dog bakery is a great place to give your foodie dog some love! "You can say any fool thing to your dog, and the dog will give you this look … [Read more...]

Boyz Gone Wild!!!

I was sound asleep at my sister's house.  I had gone to her beach house to attend her baby shower!  When my cell phone rang.  Coming out of my sleepy haze, I let voice-mail pick it up.  I called to retrieve the message and my neighbor was checking in to see if everything was okay.  "I see the police and firetruck at your house and I just wanted to make sure everyone was alright."  I jolted up in my bed, what?!  Now, I knew that tonight my husband was at home, without kids (except our teenage son) or wife and had planned a "boy's … [Read more...]