Halal Lamb

About two weeks ago, my husband woke up at the crack of dawn to go with our good friend Bouchaib to a farm about an hour away.  Bouchaib and Devon had been planning this trip for many weeks.  Bouchaib is Muslim and he and his family go to this farm to get their halal meat.  We thought halal was a religious ceremony, similar to kosher.  On the drive to the farm, Devon found out from Bouchaib halal means to kill the animal yourself. So, they got to the farm and went to a pen full of lambs.  They were all tagged with prices, … [Read more...]

The beginning of our blogging journey…

I was bound and determined to make it to the Baltimore Book Festival!  My husband and our friend from Holland, Albert, thought I was crazy.  It was raining buckets and there were flash flood warnings.  But, if the Book Festival was on, then I was going!   Kaya, my 14 year old, volunteered to brave the elements with me!  We headed off.  As we got closer to the Mt. Vernon area, the rain began to tapper off and the sun began to peek out from behind the clouds.  Maybe it's a sign!!  Now to find parking...easy!  We're definitely on … [Read more...]