LoveBomb-ing Boys @Ridge

We headed back to Ridge.  We head up there once a month, fire up our grill, bring cases of Mountain Dew and feed the boys!  They know when we're coming now.  They expect us.  They've even accepted us.  It's wild because the first time we LoveBomb-ed, they weren't sure if they could trust us.  We were constantly asked, "Why are you here? Why would you feed us? What's your angle? What's the catch?"  We answered back, "To feed you.  We thought you'd be hungry. No angle. No catch."  We decided consistency was best.  Some LoveBombs we … [Read more...]

Sharing A Table & A Cupcake

Somewhere along my carpool route, three days before Mother's Day, the idea occurred to me.  It began as only an idea of a cupcake drop-off.  Something similar to my cookie drop in a mailbox of a friend.  Around here at LoveFeast Table we like to call it a LoveBomb.  A LoveBomb is a gift of a meal or morsel shared unexpectedly.  The concept is simple.  Who doesn't like a little treat or even a whole meal passed their way?  It's some unexpected goodness that lifts the spirit and brightens the day.  On a basic level food is a common … [Read more...]

Unexpected LoveBomb

Last week, I was home with Little Man.  I got a call from Miss Preschool.  She was my daughter's preschool teacher over 4 years ago.  The preschool is in a church up the street.  Miss Preschool began to tell me about a problem she was having and she didn't know what to do.  "Kristin, there are these two young people sleeping outside the doorway to the preschool.  They were here yesterday.  The church wants me to call the police and have them arrested.  But, I just don't feel right about it.  You came to mind."  I asked Miss … [Read more...]

April Food Day 2010

Today is April Food Day 2010!  It's a day where bloggers unite to bring awareness to the hunger issue here in our country and ways that people are being served through their local food banks, pantries, soup kitchens, etc... Feeding America is the nation’s largest charitable hunger relief organization. Feeding America supports a network of 206 food banks in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  Their goal is to  build the support they need to feed 1 million more people each year, to significantly increase … [Read more...]

Join Us At The Table To Benefit Haiti

Yes we're bloggers but more importantly we're moms of nine kids total.  On a daily basis we feed our kids, our friend's kids and the kid's in the neighborhood and sometimes even those we don't know.  As we share meals around the table with our children in our homes, it is hard at a time like this not to think about other moms, children, and families in Haiti.  We would like to push up a few extra "virtual" chairs and "serve" some love and food to those who are now in such dire need.                                     Recently … [Read more...]

LoveBomb Challenge

If you've been following us on the LoveFeast Table journey, you know we are all about bringing people to the table.  Whether people meet us at our table or we meet them at theirs.  We think it's easy to invite guests over.  Yeah, there's the stress of menu planning, grocery shopping and cleaning your house.  There's also meal preparation and table~scaping, trying to capture the right mood for your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed.  It's a bit of work and sacrifice, but, we all know, it's well worth it!  The pay off is … [Read more...]

Love Bomb Musings!

This past Sunday, I went with a couple of friends and my kids to a local skatepark.  We've been here before.  We were on a mission to LoveBomb.  What is a LoveBomb?  It's the act of making, serving and sharing a meal for unsuspecting people.  Especially people not in your typical circle of friends.  The idea is to reach outside of yourself and get to know people you normally wouldn't.  We are on the beginning of this LoveBomb journey! We have gone to Ridge a couple of times now.  When we started, we were looked on like an … [Read more...]

Love Log at the Ladybug Luncheon

What is a love log?  I came across it in the new cookbook, Baked New Frontiers In Baking.  What's not to love about a love log?!  It's raw cookie dough that you wrap in parchment and give to a friend.  I decided to take a love log to a luncheon we were serving for women in our neighborhood. Once a month, a group of us, plan, prepare, serve and share a meal with women from all walks of life.  We originally started it to share hot meals with women who are victims of sex trafficking (we call them ladybugs) in our neighborhood.  … [Read more...]

Wedding, Love Feast style

Last Saturday, my family and I attended the wedding of our good friends Diana and Cliff.  I wish all of you could've been there.  It was one of the most beautiful examples of Love Feast I have ever witnessed.  They live in one of the ghettos of Baltimore City.  They chose to live there.  When they were planning their wedding, they knew without a doubt, they wanted it to be an open invitation to all their neighbors. We all know, most weddings are events for family and friends of the bride and groom.  Everyone dresses to the … [Read more...]

I thought I’d never!

I didn't know if I even wanted to admit this.  I've been agonizing over whether to share this with you or not.  But, it's about honesty, right?  Being transparent in this blog...right?  Ok, on Thanksgiving morning, a bunch of us handed out "love feasts" all over Baltimore city.  Different people donated turkeys, potatoes and baked goods.  Then about 50 of us gathered Thanksgiving morning to distribute 200 plates of food to homeless, shut ins and anyone else we met.  It was a beautiful morning!  But, as you can see, I was asked to … [Read more...]