Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks again for joining us at LoveFeast Table!  We have enjoyed sharing our virtual table with you & are thankful that you've stopped by to visit us!  We are so thankful for all that we've learned this year on our blog, for our readers and for all the friends we've made! With the holidays just around the corner we invite you to join us at the table in December while we host a virtual Cookie Exchange with 12 days of guest food bloggers, cookie recipes & tips for savoring the holidays! Have a wonderful … [Read more...]

Baltimore Thanksgiving Menu 2010

I've done it!  I finally made the Thanksgiving menu.  In our home there are dishes we have year to year but, there are always new twists we add.  Here it is! Two Turkeys...one smoked with an apple, pecan and mushroom stuffing.  (There is no recipe for this yet.  Devon will "wing it" and come up with something delish!) The other turkey we will be going back to a Martha Stewart recipe we made over ten years ago that produced the most beautiful and delicious bird you have ever seen or eaten!  It has a pomegranate glaze!  The … [Read more...]

A Cook’s Thanksgiving Story

Last year at about this time we were honored to have Kate, from Kate in the Kitchen write a guest blog around the theme of Thanksgiving.  Kate is a Minnesota blogger that we have had the pleasure to meet several times at blogging meet ups through out the year.  Kate is going to be joining our table again this December for our "Savoring The Holidays" series.  We will have 12 straight days of talented bloggers sharing their cookie recipes, stories, and tips for savoring the holidays. Kate is an amazing cook and baker and a … [Read more...]

Velvet Pumpkin Thanksgiving Mantel Decoration

After gathering up my supplies the other day I was fully prepared to "mantel-scape".  This year I came across what I think is a "find".  These delicious velvet pumpkins by Plush Pumpkin. This is what I started with, my scaled down freshly dusted simple mantel. Then I added some love. The trompe l'oeil effect of the painting and the pumpkins is kind of fun. The newly decorated mantel ended up adding a cozy warmth to my living room, even from afar. Our contest to win a trio of Plush … [Read more...]

Velvet Pumpkin Thanksgiving Giveaway

We know they are yummy.  Velvet plushness waiting to adorn your mantels, table tops, ledges and bowls. One of our lucky readers will have this special trio, from Plush Pumpkins,  sent to them just in time for Thanksgiving! Our pumpkin trio giveaway *sponsored by Plush Pumpkins* is going to go through Friday, November 19th, 1pm Central!!  Winner must live in the U.S. due to the shipping weight of the pumpkins.  Here are 2 ways to getting yourself some pumpkin love!  Make sure to leave a comment that says what you … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Mantel Decorations Gathered

Yes, it's true, I have always been a sucker for yummy textures and pretty scraps.  Burlap, fuzzy cords, and thick beautifully died yarn make my heart sing.  I'm not a seamstress.  I'm a gatherer.  I have fabric, yarn, bits and scraps waiting to be transformed. And, purple thistle.  Does this make you think about a Thanksgiving mantel?  Well, not right off the bat.  But, I think that decoration is most interesting when it's unusual. Here's a more traditional gathering of browns and oranges.  The Chinese Lanterns … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Chris Ann!!!

Good morning sistah!  You are waking up, too early....I'm guessing 4 a.m.   I know you are frantically throwing your last minute things in your bag to head to the airport.   I wanted to be the second, 'cause I'm sure Todd was the first, to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Here's your gift... Originally I thought I'd bring it to Cancun to hand to you personally.  But, then I thought, some gift!  I don't want to make you lug it around!!  So, I'll ship it to you when I return! Have a wonderful day!!! (I know you will!)  … [Read more...]

LoveFeast for 16 Year Old Boys

My oldest son turned 16 this summer, on the 16th...which made it his Golden Birthday!  We call him Drama Boy because he has been acting for years.  I remember when he was 3 and would perform all of Godspell on his top bunk when "no one" was looking. We wanted to do something special, so we suggested a multi course dinner for him and his friends.  Drama Boy has been raised in a foodie home, so he quickly saw the value in this idea! Devon and I planned a surprise menu developed with Asian influence in mind (Drama Boy loves … [Read more...]

Signs Of A Great Summer

This summer shows excellent signs of bursting with potential if this past weekend was any indicator. Right off that bat I hit a yard sale and scored some cute porch decor and a set of dishes! There was time to work in my garden. There were eager helpers who wanted to start their chores before breakfast! Roxy met a fan who wanted to "contain" her!  Roxy can barely "contain" her enthusiasm for the situation. got hotchalk? got hot help? Suburbia Man stains the deck-fresh for the … [Read more...]

Summer Cocktails & Themes

Over the years, somewhere along the way, Kristin and I began "theme-ing" our summers with a signature cocktail.  Looking back...I'm pretty sure it started the summer we moved to Minnesota.  The cocktail and theme was suppose to lift our spirits, embody our mojo, and help us get through our busy schedules,  holding us up until we'd meet again.  It had to be refreshing.  It had to make us happy.  It had to be a cocktail we would look forward to sharing next time we clinked our glasses together, which we try to do, at least once … [Read more...]