Today is Our Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!  Believe us when we say, we know that your days are full of endless loads of laundry, piles of dirty dishes, driving bus loads of loud children, shopping for and preparing meals for the umpteenth time, wiping snotty noses on your T-shirt, managing EVERYONE's hectic schedule...only to redo the same thing day after day.  But, we also know why we're happy to do it!  Here are our reasons! Kristin's... Teapot Little Man Zap Drama Boy and Little … [Read more...]


One of Kristin's and my favorite things are tables and tablescaping.   We love to gather our friends at our tables!   We love to get out all our dishes and found objects and create a table that is warm and welcoming for our guests. When we set our table it is with our guests in mind.  It is something we enjoy doing.   We like to think about each guest and how we hope they will feel happy, special and welcome at our tables. These are some inspiring table Kristen and I found on the ground level of Macy's during the … [Read more...]

Lucky to Be Irish!

Two of my five children have red hair.  The question is always asked, "Are you Irish?"  I smile and reply, "Yes!"  My mother's side of the family is Irish.  I was raised with the understanding that to be Irish was something to be proud of.  Her family is fiercely loyal and loving!  They are a force to be reckoned with.  They can drink beer and appreciate the good stuff!  They are witty and sarcastic, passionate and vivacious!  Even when my grandmother passed away, there was singing and clanking of glasses...a true Irish … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Birthday Celebration (yes, it continues!)

Yes, I have to admit here, that I did indeed, celebrate my birthday for two weeks!  But, please, don't see me as indulgent, just doing what a girl needs to do to survive!  You see, Chris Ann and I have been joking that we have somehow switched places this winter.  Usually, in February, Chris Ann is in full hibernation mode.  Between the cold, snow and husband traveling, the winter blues catch up with her! Every year, my perky self, calls to make sure she hasn't totally holed herself in.  I send her funny books and even recommend … [Read more...]

Birthday Week, Part 2

My husband made it back the day after my birthday, a day before the next storm hit! You know that saying, "Love makes the heart grow fonder"?  I missed him and was so happy to see him!  He arrived and a wrapped package appeared on the table.  The kids gathered around and Little Man proceeded to help me tear off the paper.  I was shocked!!  Absolutely stunned!  Behind the wrapping paper was a much longed for upgrade to my camera...a new Nikon!  I really was surprised.  I thought a new camera was a bit further in the future, but … [Read more...]

Birthday Week, Part 1

Today I have to confess, I have milked this birthday year like no other!  You see, the weekend of birthday brought many gifts!  It started with 36+ inches of snow. My husband got stuck in TX because the airlines were shut down.  My bff was representing LoveFeast at Blissdom in TN.  My boys wanted no part in shoveling (truth, unless they were getting paid!) Those were the gifts that were hard to open on my birthday.  There were a few that brought a smile to my face!  Chris Ann, anticipating I was going to have a little … [Read more...]

Superhero Love

I woke up this morning next to my superhero. It's been 16 years of him watching over me and our family. He reminds me that a true superhero love is not always perfect...sometimes there's a dark side...but superhero love keeps coming back to where it started...back to fighting for justice, protecting those he loves, providing for those in need, always being vigilant, having integrity and always, balancing it with romance. I love that he loves me.  I love that he's still by my side, fighting to keep this … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Kristin!!

It's time for someone to blow out the candles and celebrate, Kristin!!! Happy Birthday!  In honor of your special day I baked you a cake, just like when you baked me a cake for my birthday. Dear friend, I just want to say that I hope your weekend was good even with your hubs out of town attending a conference and me being at Blissdom without you.  I know it didn't help to have the "sickies" lurking about your brood either.  Just know that I've been celebrating your birthday (with out you) all week!  First by sampling your … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas From LoveFeast Table!!

Merry Christmas from our LoveFeast Table to yours!  Kristin & Chris Ann … [Read more...]

Baking with Baked ’till Baked!

Screech!!! To a halt!  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the two feet of snow we got here in Baltimore!  I know, I know, in Minnesota, two feet is an every day occurrence!  Chris Ann was just saying the other day she was driving her daughter to soccer in the snow.  Yes, she plays outdoors no matter what the weather!  They are hard core up there!  But, here in Baltimore, a call for two inches swipes the shelves clear of toilet paper and milk. So, just imagine for a minute what it was like for us with a prediction of … [Read more...]