Fancy Friday ~ The Tree

Picking out a tree is a very personal thing.  You really have to find the right one.  The tree that speaks to you....the tree that says I want to be in your life. You need to round up the right posse to look for a tree. You need to look hard at the tree from every angle.... More than one set of posse is even more helpful...and fun. And, you need to bring along a professional tree analyzer. And, a professional tree rapper.  This makes the tree feel special. And, even if you don't have a … [Read more...]

Party Peacock Presents The Breville, Baby!!

Our Italian Party Peacock announces our Breville GiftAway Winner!!  Javier Mendoza!! Here is the brand spankin' new Breville Baby!  It is flying via stork or UPS to Javier, who is not only going to be a proud Breville Papa, but soon to be a proud Papa in general.  Congratulations Javier, this Breville couldn't have gone to anyone needier than the parent of a newborn!  We know....we've been there, 9 times total! The drawing was completed on Thursday, 3 December 2009 at 20:43:50 … [Read more...]

Happy ThanksGiving Friends!

Happy ThanksGiving Friends!  We hope your day is full of laughter, friends and delicious eats! Enjoy every moment and savor every bite! Thanks for joining us at the table! Kristin and Chris Ann … [Read more...]

Yep Yifta Time Again

Word on the street, is that some of our readers, especially those in southern Minnesota are wanting the recipe for Yifta.  Now, that's a complicated order.  'Cause for one thing it is a secret family recipe.  For another thing, you can only get the recipe if you join our family's Thanksgiving table and pass the quiz of guessing what the ingredients of Yifta are.  Then, you have to promise to eat it for breakfast for the following week after you make it. If, and only if I can trust you with at least that last item, eating it … [Read more...]

Pizza On The Grill

Kristin and I have a little saying called "breathing the dust" -- and by this I don't mean flour dust...I mean more like pixie dust.  Dust that when you breathe it in, makes you dream crazy things.  Dust that makes you believe crazy things.  Dust that makes you do crazy things.  Things you barely have time to do because the laundry is piling up, and you drive in your van running kids all day long. This dust makes you dream things you are technologically underdeveloped to do.  But, you do it anyway.  But, sometimes it makes … [Read more...]

Night Out In Washington, DC

While we were in Washington DC, for dinner at Potenza... which was less about Italy... and more about the wallpaper... and the wine... We got to see our friend, Elyse, who happened to be in Washington, DC on business as well!  We visited Elyse in New York City, last January where,  Elyse took us to one of her favorite places for cocktails, Death & Company.  We also dined, with her and her family at Hearth.  So, while the guys played pool... we caught up with Elyse.  We were glad we stayed up … [Read more...]

Steamed Crabs in Baltimore

Chris Ann and family arrived in Baltimore!  After a quick toast with sangria, we had to run to a little league game.  Ok...we continued the "toast" with a small pitcher that we smuggled to the baseball field.  Over a bit more sangria, we decide to start our feasting with a bushel of steamed crabs. The kids spread out the newspaper and within minutes of arriving back at the house, the festivities began!  There's no better way to linger and catch up than over a pile of steamed Maryland crabs.  We'll let the pictures tell the … [Read more...]

“Tim-the-Toolman” makes Sangria

Things are getting a bit ramped up around here!  I've been scrubbing floors, washing sheets, cleaning up the patio, cutting the grass, painting walls (I like having a reason to check off my list) and menu planning.  Why?  You might ask...well, the other half of LoveFeast is coming for a B'More visit!!  Tomorrow, Chris Ann, hubby and half of their clan are coming! You have to understand, for the past five years (since living on opposite sides of the map) we have maintained strong friendships through visits.  These visits are … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day To Two Great Dads!

Cheers to you Dads (Todd & Devon)! … [Read more...]

Shrimp and Pasta To Curb Your Chaos

As I have said before, I can be a cooking challenged food blogger, known for being desperate for dinner and “Avoiding Supper”. I have been even know to chuck meat. It seems if I get one part done, the shopping, or the menu planning, I can’t get the other part done, the cooking.Time, you see, is not on my side.I have four kids, and a full time van chauffeuring job that keeps me driving from 9am-4pm with an hour and a half window to plan, shop, cook, and eat.  It’s not that I don’t try.To ease my load a CSA from Jackson Hollow … [Read more...]