What’s Not Pioneer About My Suburbia?

There are a lot of similarities between me and and my blogging partner in crime, Kristin.  We generally WANT the same outcome when it comes to the way things should come out.  But, let's just say, sometimes it takes me a little bit more time to get there!  A perfect example of this is the cake I am about to share with you.  This cake, is the Pioneer Woman's Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  There are some similarities between me and the Pioneer Woman and I will point them out as we roll along here.  But, this does not insure … [Read more...]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream!

Ice Cream! Soft Serve Ice Cream! That's what our ice cream man serves!  It was warm, sunny and beautiful!  A taste of things to come!  Come on summer!! … [Read more...]

Our Limoncello Table

What?Does this picture look fuzzy to you?Forget about it, it’s all that Limoncello, you’ve been drinking!Welcome to our Limoncello table!This is us, two years ago in Florence, Italy.There’s Kristin, next to her man and chef, Devon.See the stroller behind them?That’s Little Baby.We were so happy he did not get left behind any tables or under any trees.He was so good; it would have been easy to forget that he was there!He was a great little Italian traveler for five months old, except in the Duomo!(ya’ know you’ve started out a … [Read more...]

Can’t Beat This Pink Lady Cake

Like I said on Facebook and Twitter, I was dreaming of making this cake.  And, today was deadline day, I would either bake or break - - turns out I did both, but nothing that a little sculpting and frosting can't fix!  I didn't let a late night at the Cabooze stop me either.  I was at the Cabooze last night with my husband and friends to watch the bands Umbrella Bed the English Beat.  Who's that, you might ask, as did the cute girls at Covered, who helped me with my outfit and informed me that Cabooze was "rock-n-roll, not pop".  … [Read more...]

Brunello heaven

Nothing describes Italy as well as this picture.... an INCREDIBLE bottle of wine...it kept on giving, notes of mushroom and chocolate... an incredibly simple yet elegant meal...my favorite, pear, mushroom and cheese salad tossed with a hint of aged balsamic and olio! my husband and love of my life, by my side my new baby, cooing and kicking back enjoying the view of the fig tree two of the best friends in the world, with us and enjoying great conversations about traveling the world with all of our kids (9 total!)... a view … [Read more...]

Banana Bread In A Can Trick

Grandma Bessie's kitchen was always warm.   I remember looking up to the white oven and being shooed away and warned of the heat as I came in through the back door.  In the winter, we came in the back door because often the front porch was covered up in plastic to seal out the North Dakota cold.  That back door led to what Grandma called the back porch, which was merely really a small hallway to enter the house.  To the left, inside the back porch, was a small dresser, lined on top with a row of silver coffee cans filled with wax … [Read more...]

Feel This Red Velvet Cake

My sister-n-law, (aka, the "Holiday Sangria Lady") has long been an incredible baker.  She has awed our family with gooey rolls, known as monkey bread.  She is an expert in bars, cookies, and pies full of butterscotch, caramel, and chocolate.  For a long time she has collected all sorts of recipes.  It makes sense, then, after years of wow-ing friends and family she has recently begun the journey of launching a baking business in the Chicago area.  So, when I came across a cookbook called Baked: New Frontiers in Baking--I thought … [Read more...]

Bites From Bytes & Books Ball On President’s Day

Well, since it is President's day I thought I share a bit about the 2009 Bytes & Books Inaugural Ball, that my husband Todd attended (see picture seven under George Lucas).  You see, right after New York, while we were in Baltimore with Kristin & Devon, Todd had to go out to "the ball".  We all stayed home, and wondered how his parking would go down.  Turns out, he easily drove in, and actually parked right in front of the Folger Shakespeare Library, right behind the Capital, next to the Library of Congress.  He didn't … [Read more...]

Pig Cake & Shebang Cheesecake

Actually, really it's Orange & Bourbon Chocolate Cake from The Spotted Pig in NYC.  The Spotted Pig was on our hit list for restaurant's in NYC but, we didn't get there.  So, after I got back and was planning my girls' night out party, I was super excited to find this recipe in the back of my In Style magazine (February 2009 issue, p.192). Now, usually when I have parties my husband is the go-to guy.  You just turn around once and shebang there's a cake!  He is famous for his cheesecakes, many from our Philadelphia … [Read more...]

Uncle Bonnie’s Favorite Food Memory

Chris Ann and I have been asking people, "What is your favorite food memory?"  Many people respond with, "I've never thought about that!"  I posed this question to my Aunt Bonnie over the holidays.  Aunt Bonnie is an artist and has always been the eccentric aunty of the family...that's why we call her Uncle Bonnie!  She has created art all over the world.  I had the privilege of helping her with a mural here in Baltimore when I was a teenager.  She is currently wrapping up her first comic novel!  Needless to say she's very … [Read more...]