Sexy Apple Pie and High Test Chocolate Cake

It was delicious!!  So good, the plates were being licked clean!  My husband declared the apple pie to be the sexiest pie he had ever seen!  I have to say Ina Garten's recipe, from the Amateur Gourmet's challenge, produced a chocolate cake that was moist and incredible...I admit, I substituted ground espresso for instant coffee...always a purest!  This will be added to my (recipe) black book!  (Yes, I have a little black book, for my favorite recipes...I'll share more about that another time!)  The apple pie was "gone in 60 … [Read more...]

Dad is Great! Gives Us Chocolate Cake!!

Ok...really, mom is great!  So, get is our friends Derek and Albert's birthday.  They are coming over with a bunch of friends.  We get together to share a love feast every Sunday night.  So, this week I decided to make their favorite desserts as a gift!  Albert loves apple pie and Derek, chocolate cake.  I began to make my tried and true sour cream chocolate cake and realized I was out of unsweetened chocolate.  I sent my husband Devon to the store.  While I was waiting, Chris Ann called.  "Did you see the Amateur … [Read more...]

Is Dinner Ready Yet?

In my home that is a common question.  And, usually the answer is not quite.  You see  actual cooking is really not my thing.  I am rather in the garden pulling out something by its roots, sitting on my porch feet up on my hot pink wicker ottoman sipping tea, or running up and down my stairs with buckets of laundry.  And, what is interesting about the fact that I really don't like to cook, is that I love everything about food.  I love spices, I love the shine of an apple, I love dishes, modern and old chipped china, I love … [Read more...]

B’More Crab Cakes

So, I was busy cleaning my house and getting the kids ready to hop in the car and my neighbor Meisha knocked on the door.  She handed me a baggie.  A baggie?  "What's in this Meisha?"  She answered, "A treat just for you!"  I opened the warm bag...unwrapped the napkin and was pleasantly surprised by two homemade, Baltimore style, crab cakes!  That's the best baggie surprise I ever did have!       … [Read more...]

What’s Your Splendid Table?

It's never good to valet park with a blue mini van, so we didn't.  We parked in the back lot and walked to The Splendid Table's book event at the Room & Board.  It was lovely to be out with my husband and at an "event".  My goal tonight was to introduce myself to the authors, Lynne Rossetto Kasper & Sally Swift.  They are the hosts and creators of their national radio show, The Splendid Table, and authors of the book, How to Eat Supper.   We eventually found chairs and some wine and settled down to listen to their … [Read more...]