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Gluten Free Citrus Sugar Cookies

Sabrina, from The Tomato Tart, is one super generous gal. She spends her life loving her friends, living life with her husband, creating, exploring and embracing the world around her! She is one of the first to jump in and put her talents and passions to use to bring awareness to the needs around her. In March 2011, she motivated others to raise over $8,ooo for those who were devastated in Japan through an online Bake Sale. We love having her at our table today. My dad was a cookie guy.  If I close my eyes, I can see him … [Read more...]

Hermit Bars with Brown Sugar Icing and Candied Ginger

Kristin met Laura from LBs Good Spoon, at the Big Summer Potluck this past summer. She immediately hit it off! Laura and her little guy, Anderson and her husband, Benjamin were in tow and well, there was nothing about this family not to love! Laura's recipes are delicious and her site is total eye candy. And if you're looking for a good love story, Laura and Benjamin's starts HERE. We're so happy to introduce to you our friend, Laura. When it comes to cookies I chose spice over sugar every time. It's no wonder then that I … [Read more...]

Pecan Pie Bars

We have a new favorite spot where we go for food inspiration, Baked Bree. Every photo, recipe and story is creative and beautiful, just like the creator behind the blog, Bree Hester. We didn't realize when she agreed to be a guest at our table today, that she was also the co-editor of  The Creative Mama. She's pretty much our kinda gal...she loves to cook, create and she's a mama to a three, very different kids. Please welcome her to our table today!  Thank you so much for having me for this year’s Virtual Cookie Exchange! … [Read more...]

Mocha Shortbread with Dulce de Leche

We are so excited to kick off our 3rd Annual Cookie Exchange with our guest Elizabeth, from Asian in America. We can't tell you how grateful we are to have her join us. Elizabeth met some challenges while preparing her cookies. She lives on the East Coast and was hit by hurricane Sandy. She shares a bit of her story below. If you haven't joined us before for the Cookie Exchange, we're glad you're here! Link up your favorite Cookie Recipe below and this year, we have 12 giveaways going on over the next 12 days. So, stop in every … [Read more...]

Lime Wafer Recipe

Welcome to our Third Annual LoveFeast Cookie Exchange! We have been so honored over the years to have so many talented bakers share recipes and stories from their tables on ours here at LoveFeast Table! This year, besides having 12 awesome guest bloggers sharing a cookie recipe and a favorite holiday memory or story we are adding something special to the mix. Actually 12 something specials! Each of our guest bloggers will be giving away one of our new Recipe Journals from our LoveFeast Shop. Each of our Guests after sharing … [Read more...]

3rd Annual LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange

It's once again time for our Annual Cookie Exchange.  This is the third year in a row where we've gathered around the table to share our favorite cookies recipes.  Each year, we ask 12 Guest Bloggers to share their stories around holiday memories and baking.  We are always amazed to hear the touching stories of families baking in the kitchen together.  We are so happy to be able to share and hear the stories at our table. TWELVE GIVEAWAYS TO WIN ~ 2012 LoveFeast Cookie Exchange This year we're adding a fun piece to the … [Read more...]

Holiday Breakfast Buffet

Every Christmas morning, before the kids are allowed to come out of their rooms, my husband and I heat up our Breville Espresso maker. (We kinda have a thing for the Breville...so much so we've been known to take it across the country.) He will make a double shot of espresso for himself and an Americano for me. Meanwhile, I pull the cinnamon rolls that have been proofing overnight, out of the fridge and put them on top of the stove to come to room temperature. This is one of our favorite Christmas morning rituals. We have a … [Read more...]

Dinner Idea For Holiday Leftovers

My family has celebrated Thanksgiving twice this week.  We've shared a feast with friends and we've shared a feast with our family.  Traditionally both Kristin's husband, Devon and my husband, Todd cook the turkey dinners in both of our homes.  Most Thanksgivings they consult eachother over the phone about what brine concoction to soak the turkey in or what type of booze they are adding to the gravy.  This year Kristin's husband outdid himself with a beautiful bird.  In case you missed it, you can see the menu including their … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2012 Menu

Every time we share a meal together, Chris Ann and I write the menu on our chalkboards. She writes hers on the chalkboard I gave her before our family left the country. It use to hang over the counter at our coffee shop, Jahva House. I love that it hangs in her house. I love that a piece that represented an important era in our friendship journey, falls on her eyes every day. It hangs in the center of her home where her kids sometimes put up their own messages. But, the culture of writing a menu on the chalkboard was one … [Read more...]

Pavlova in Ireland

How does Pavlova find itself on the table of an Irish meal? Well, if you're my friend Jenn, whose husband moved to Ireland when he was a little boy, from New Zealand, it's totally normal. While we were in Ireland, we shared a number of amazing meals. We had fresh mussels and fish curry, roasted chicken with spuds in jackets, pasties, fish and chips, cinnamon twists and a roasted lamb dinner that made me fall in love with my husband all over again! Our hostess Jenn, began cracking eggs and separating them. … [Read more...]