Food For Creating Hygge

Even with the promise of Spring down the road a bit, Winter is still just not giving up.  Many of us, especially those of us in the north are thinking about warm- weathered spring breaks.  But, in-between hopes of spring and vacations, we still have to... survive. In Minnesota, there are many days where the light is bright but the sky is opaque.  Just now, out my window such an atmosphere is flittering snow that is dancing through the air and landing on frozen ground.  This is a day to keep Hygge in mind. Hygge (prounounced … [Read more...]

Holiday Cookie Exchange

This is the perfect time of year to share a holiday story or two, share traditions and also make cookies.  For several years we hosted a LoveFeast Table Holiday Cookie Exchange here at our table. Grab yourself a cup of tea and follow the link to the LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Page to peruse the stories and recipes swapped over the years. We're sure you'll find some good ones and be inspired to bake some favorites as well. Still shopping for holiday gifts?  Visit our online boutique ~ LoveFeast Shop ~ for artful, unique, … [Read more...]

Spanish Soda Splash Recipe

All summer we've enjoyed a sparkling drink that is refreshing, light and lemony.  We enjoyed it first at a quaint Spanish restaurant in Brooklyn.  Our New York friends re-created it and now we're  sharing it with you to enjoy ~ before the summer's over!  Quick summer tablescape tip ~ Lemons piled in an ironstone terrain scent a room with fresh goodness. This Spanish soda, Kas is REALLY the best to use, but it is hard to find.  This one looks interesting HERE , but we've never tried it.  We've used San Pellegrino in a … [Read more...]

LoveBomb Lasagna Style

Over the past few months, along with a few friends, we have been intentionally giving each other a weekly challenge. It's a simple challenge, one that pushes us to think outside of ourselves and consider others. It might be as simple as, "Offer to carry groceries for someone this week," or "Offer to clean a friend's bathroom." At the beginning of this exercise, everyone was invited to put a challenge into a bowl. The kids added their ideas, the moms and dads did too. This week we were challenged to, "Be open and aware of the … [Read more...]

Moss Mojitos Recipe

We couldn't resist the chance to re-share our Moss Mojito Recipe and a bit of green with you this day. Happy St. Patrick's Day from the LoveFeast Girls! Moss Mojito Recipe   Save Print Author: LoveFeast Table Recipe type: drinks Ingredients 1 Lime, halved 3 Mint Sprigs 1 Tbsp. Sugar 1 oz / 2 Tbsp White Rum ⅓ Cup Sparkling Water, chilled 1 splash Limeade 1 splash Creme De Menthe Instructions Squeeze lime juice from 1 lime into cocktail shaker or large highball. Add lime halves to shaker, add mint, sugar … [Read more...]

Hot Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Valentines Day is coming up and it would not be complete without a scrumptious chocolate recipe to celebrate with.  This recipe is tried and true at our house.  If you've been over for any kind of dinner at our home, chances our you've had one of our Hot Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes warm out of the oven and sprinkled with coarse salt.  Swooooon! Hot Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes   Save Print Author: LoveFeast Table Ingredients 4 oz. Dark Chocolate 8 oz Butter 2 Eggs ½ C. Sugar ½ C. Flour 8 Chocolate … [Read more...]

Hot Ginger Tea & China

I haven't been sick in a really long time. I'm the mama of 5 kids after all and I have a killer immune system. So, when this mom goes down, it sends the house into a tail spin. The laundry begins to pile up, kids fend for themselves at meal time, my husband prepares dinner while playing guard, making sure my room stays quiet and uninterrupted. It creates as weird glitch in our somewhat smoothly run, daily routine. I know moms of all stages can relate. Now, usually when I get sick, I can kick a bug with a few good nights sleep. … [Read more...]

Feast ~ Best of 2013

In FEAST you will all things related to feasting.  You will find inspiration for parties, tablescaping, baking and creating a atmosphere for entertaining. You can bet that we celebrated with food this year whether gathering friends on the deck for grilling, hosting a wedding party or a group of blogging friends.  Time around the table is one of our favorite things. Winter Whiteout Cupcakes For  A Wedding Farm Fresh Baby Radish Appetizer  Hearty Guinness Beef Stew Homemade Pasta Recipe Moss Mojitos … [Read more...]

“Christmas Cookie Recipe & a Story” Link Up

Today we are gathering around the table and want to invite you to LINK UP your favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe and Story. Share a little snippet of your favorite Christmas memory...maybe one from your childhood or a story through the eyes of your children. We will keep the cocoa hot and a chair is saved for you. It was a simple, humble package, but obviously wrapped with care. Every bit of it's surface was covered with Christmas paper. The hand that wrapped it, had not spared any expense on covering the paper with tape … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookie Round Up

We don't know about you, but this week we are beginning to create our Christmas Cookie list and scouring the internet for yummy, homemade cookie recipes. We wanted to create a quick resource for you to take a look at our past year's Cookie Exchange. We have been so honored over the years to have so many talented bakers share recipes and stories from their tables on ours, here at LoveFeast Table! If you are looking for a cookie recipe that is tried, true and loved, you are at the right place. Make yourself a warm drink and take … [Read more...]